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  1. Looking to form/join a tribe

    Anumaz, not sure if you have been in Discord, but I would imagine a lot of the players would love to tribe with you! We are doing a bit of development right now and things are a little hectic! We are launching a new dedicated server soon!
  2. Geforce GTX 1070 or 1080?

    1080 all the way! I run an EVGA 1080
  3. GTX 1080 Which Brand to Purchase?

    EVGA all THE way! 1080 is nice!
  4. if you have a gun what type of a gun do you have or want

    I <3 bang bang - glock 43, glock 17, colt 1911 (6 digit serial made 1917!) and ruger ar556
  5. Infinity Alpha Never got Off the ground

    @[member='jonnymind'] Very Very detailined info! Learning!
  6. Reddit Recruitment

    Make a new one and share and I will upvote!
  7. Add Friend

    Will add both tonight!
  8. Capital Ship.

    Beautiful when they come in but pointless to continue in the instance.... I was in one yesterday and couldn't get a kill to count for anything even if I hit them first or last.... Then I drifted too close to capital ships beams and was instantly killed......
  9. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    Grapevine DFW here!
  10. Pro Federation vid

  11. Call me gaz.

  12. Motherboard Decision

  13. To anyone who has Nvidia

    Really good to know!
  14. SurrealNom

    Strip club DJ is an amazing job! Def very fortunate in it! If your ever in DFW lmk lol! And thanks for the welcomes guys!

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