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    Video games, Football, My gf, College, and friends.

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  1. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    [quote name='Agamir' timestamp='1341627952' post='35902'] Agamir level 22 [/quote][quote name='Agamir' timestamp='1341627952' post='35902'] Agamir level 22 [/quote]recently reached lvl 30. but stopped playing pvp
  2. Favorite Baseball Team?

    Favorite baseball team? Angels
  3. Sup

    they said it will have vehicles in the campaign only so far. im more into dragons dogma and resident evil 6 right now. might get ghost recon fs for my brother and me to play coop
  4. Sup

    yea blackops 2 is iffy at most because of the setting and the weapons.
  5. Sup

    names marsel mccall my ign though on lol is agamir. i own an xbox 360 and play on xbox live when i have gold. i mostly play modern warfare 2 because i think 3 is worse than 2 and im not a fan of bf3 but i have played it before for about 2 months. almost got about 700 knife kills. and 900 tag[i]im just enjoying dragons dogma and resident evil 6 the demo. As for League i only own 4 champs: Ashe, Pantheon,graves, kassadin. i mostly play graves and pantheon alot since everyone plays ashe these days and graves build is about the same as hers if you look at guides on mobafire. on facebook my email address is t-weeks@hotmail.com.thank you goodbye.[/i]

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