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  1. Hope you are doing good buddy =) did not see you for 5 months i hope your having good times in your life and hope that you come back soon buddy .

    Missing you brit 

  2. 2 hours and 30 minutes of full unpopulation and trying to get number 7 poped dont you just love that

  3. 2 hours and 30 minutes of full unpopulation and trying to get number 7 poped dont you just love that

  4. Absence

    I miss you too buddy :)
  5. Absence

    Sorry everyone..I know i was gone for a long time and this is because my computer had a virus and i couldn't fix it and i still have some fixing so i will be gone from In game because of web browser and origin but i f any one want to play a different game like Emergency 4 i would be happy to play with you. Again i am sorry...

    @[member='Laith SJ'] @[member='Marcinkoman'] Thanks guys :) 

    Sorry i have not been making my hours lately is that i have been sick and still am and i haven't had the strength to play. I am still sick i should be better by Monday hopefully.So all in all sorry for not being here hope to see you on the battlefield.
  8. Hello ADK :>

    +1 welcome to ADK
  9. ADK Zombie server Event

    we played on an empty server with only me @[member='Naruteitor'] @[member='Kazmear'] @HansJobs @Lucus_D_Drago And that was interesting.
  10. ADK Zombie server Event

    Ya i know that would be a Great idea cake :D
  11. ADK Zombie server Event

    We Should start an event that has Zombie mod which consists of a TDM map that's unranked and the zombie part is a plug in and i thinks if we have this event it will be different than any other event we have had. It consists of a 8v8 player server(16 player server).And one guys get to be randomly selected by the server to be the first zombie and he can only use a knife or defibrillator or Repair tool.Everyone else can use what ever they want but the zombie takes like 2% of damage and the more the zombie(s) knife the more damage the Humans do.
  12. Sorry all for not being all lately

  13. Wassup guys!

    Hope to see you on TS3.
  14. Hey!

    Hello and welcome to ADK. What game have you applied for?,any favorite sports or anything interesting?

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