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  1. Nade Woes

    I always bind my knife to the middle mouse button and nades to 'F', because usually my mouse buttons are the ones getting beat on when I'm in a panic mode.
  2. How to Change your Origin ID!

    That's pretty cool, definitely something to consider. Might refrain from doing it a lot myself just to prevent having to redistribute my name though. xD
  3. Buying my first car?

    Get a '99-'04 GT if you want a sports car, they're half that. Though, for your first car I'd suggest something more toned down, this coming from a Mustang enthusiast. Not saying S197's are fast or anything, but for a new driver you've got no business behind a V8 car. I worked my way up from a Mazda Protege, and it's a good thing because I still have my license.
  4. Hey folks

    [quote name='SimplyOJ' timestamp='1341495107' post='35658'] Welcome Crowley, I played some Delta Force as well back in the day. fun times.. Keep an eye on sites like cdhousekey where you sometimes can pick up a cheap cdkey for new games that just came out. I have both BF3 and Max Payne 3 through them and it works like a charm. You downlaod the games instead of getting them on cd but after that your up and running. ugh working....nessecary evil to pay the bill's....... Have fun here and c ya around.... [/quote] CD...what is this ancient technology you speak of?
  5. New Razer BF3 headset

    Not gonna lie those look sick. I think my best experience thus far would be the Astro A40's I had. Guess they were geared towards Xbox mainly, but they sounded amazing on PC as well. Rocking some old cheapo TB X11's right now though. ;.; Those Z6a's look pretty awesome, wasn't aware TB was in the actual multi-speaker headset market. I've only ever had Tritton AX Pros, they were a spaghetti monster and a hassle to deal with so I got scared away from that style of headset.
  6. How to Change your Origin ID!

    Interesting, wasn't aware of that feature. Can this be done multiple times, or just once?

    PovertyPony I think...kinda new to the whole Origin deal.
  8. Hey folks

    Hey everyone, figured I'd drop a little spiel about myself. 20/college student (Info/Technology Systems) I'm somewhere between a casual and competitive gamer. I play to have fun, but if there's an objective to the game you better believe I'm going to push hard for it. Looking for a group of mature people to party up and game with! I started gaming on PC, I think Delta Force was my first online FPS. Shortly thereafter I moved to Xbox and played the Halo series on up to Halo 3, then got into CoD4 and MW2. Between those games I started missing PC play style, and became a member of the XIM3 community and had great fun with that bunch of guys playing MW3, Black Ops and MW2 very competitively but I still missed PC and the generally more mature set of players. (Is it just me or is everybody on Xbox either labeled a try-hard or a noob? Haha!) Soooo here recently I built myself a new rig, my second one so far and got into WoW, and just recently I scooped up a copy of BF3 while it's on this July sale (There was no way I was gonna pay retail for it, after buying a full copy on Xbox, an expansion, AND paying the loot to activate the game on another XBL gamertag) and am planning on spending some time on it. Anyways, enough about me, I should probably get back to work. ;P Hope to see some of you around and make some new friends!

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