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  1. If anybody is interested I do have an RSI account

    contact added. <--I'm same on RSI as ADK nick here
  2. Joining the Star Citizen Team

    "Not yet" - it's still too early for full VR support. They're still tying together cameras and animations and all that fun stuff. There's apparently a few bandaid workarounds to get VR headsets working with current versions, but it's not "officially supported" yet -- but it IS a frequently nagged topic, so they're aware of the demand, an it's certainly going to be addressed "soon"* Perhaps search the subreddit and/or the dreaded official forums, someone surely has a bandaid guide. * SC's "soon" may imply 2+ more years
  3. Leaked 2.5 patch notes [NOT OFFICIAL]

    Can't wait -- so much good stuff in there
  4. This is a handy lil' extension I've been using for a while. It does a better job of arranging your stuffs when viewing your hangar/inventory through the main RSI site. Updated for 2.4 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/star-citizen-hangar-xplor/bhkgemjdepodofcnmekdobmmbifemhkc?hl=en-GB
  5. 01 - I believe any 'ship package' will give you access to the 'MMO' aspect - single player SQ42 was recently seperated out into it's own $45 pledge token, leaving the MMO/Persistant Universe (PU) as what you get with your ship's pledge. 02 - A ship pledge gets you in to game now. You will not have to RE-buy anything for access the PersistentUniverse: but you will need to purchase the single-player campaign (SQ42) if you want to play that when that part of the game is released. 03 - Your ship pledge will grant access to everything currently playable, and everything _eventually_ playable... EXCEPT the single-player SQ42 campaign. That's it's own separate item now. 04 - Join ADK via this site, request membership to the SC org via RSI site. 05 - SQ42 is entirely optional. But you'll probably REALLY want to play it once it drops. 06 - good question, I don't know if there's an ADK-specific referral code generator See you in the verse, citizen!
  6. should i buy this?

    IMO it's a no-brainer - IF you have even the slightest smidgen of interest in this type of game in the first place, and a halfway decent PC to run it ... why hesitate?!    What you're getting right now for even the lowest-end buy-in, is early access to a game that absolutely exceeds the plans and aspirations of any other PC game on the market right now. BUT, it's early access. It's not all 'there' yet, so you have to understand you're not 'buying a product', so much as 'supporting the process'.   But, you're in luck - you've stumbled into this at a good time. What IS there and playable right now is incredibly engaging and entirely enticing for what's to come. It's proof enough that this game IS coming together, and WILL eventually 'get there'. In fact, the entire development process seems to be speeding up and gaining real, tangible momentum - patches are no longer months apart, but lately, have seen daily iterations. What's included in the base pledge RIGHT NOW will eventually be split apart into separate purchases, so if you're interested and capable, just take the plunge now - you're probably not going to regret it.    The only real 'gotcha' is going to be the eventual desire to upgrade your rig to run everything at 'future max settings' :P
  7. Vanguards flight perfromance

    most of the current critiques are on point.    It's fairly nimble - somewhat unexpectedly so. I'm sure this will change. Moderate top speed in SCM (180) but with a zippy cruise speed @1500+    It's got some decent shield coverage with the multiple generators, but once these are down, it doesn't really live up (currently) to the 'take a beating and make it back home' salespoint.    The HUD is .... pretty much unreadable. 4-laser cannons seems pretty good, but the gatling will need some adjustments. 
  8. 2.1 is LIVE (Freelancer/Vanguard Flyable)

    Vanguard is pretty snazzy. Couple quirks but overall 2.1 seems pretty solid.    now let's just hope that there's a focus on the party/group/squad functionality for 2.2 :p
  9. Alpha 2.0 Baby PU on PTU!!!

    well it looks like 2.0'g' is getting '2.0 proper' closer to ready-for-release -- I had several 20-30 minutes sessions before CTD kicked in. Went for my first connie ride. Blew stuff up. All sorts of fun.    Still some general connection / server full issues and plenty of odd bugs, but it shouldn't be long now before this gets nailed down and released... are YOU ready?
  10. Yea, I've already been in to check it out: unfortunately the crashes are still pretty frequent 
  11. Constant crashes, server full, and timeouts still happening.    But those fleeting moments when it works..... GLORIOUS!
  12. Melted my Fleet

    I too, have recently melted almost every ship I had - except for my Carrack. That baby is unmeltable. 
  13. Yea, I've also a 2nd saber I grabbed with the original intention of CCU'ing to Orion, but ended up CCU'ing to vanguard warden in the meantime, primarily so I can get the in-hangar (PTU) tour.   While I'm ship-jumping, I grabbed a $0 CCU for the Vanguard->BanuMM, 'just in case' :p 

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