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  1. Big servers merge today

    They won't be making it a PvP server now. But they are encouraging open world pvp. Currently if you are flagged for PvP you get prestige by killing mobs. They also did the merge because the PvP servers have been vacant for quite a while now. Very tiny population. They announced this a few weeks prior to layoffs. It seemed more of a quality of life thing than a budget problem.
  2. Something INCOMING!

    I'm the wispy beard on the left. Fight me. Oh it's a gif. Oh that's different.
  3. Something INCOMING!

    Suck it @[member='Acklys']
  4. Something INCOMING!

    Destination Arcterra!   They reinforce the ice theme with this first thing   "Snowballing" bosses. -As you kill area bosses, stronger bosses will then spawn. This will create more challenging fights, and more rewards for each boss.   "Heavy Weather" -Snowstorm event. Collect keys from "epic" bosses. Keys open up Faction exclusive dungeon.   "Loot, Loot and More Loot: Arcterra has its own reward track" -New rep table? Costumes, mount, and more.   More Lore! "Vault of the Archon." -awesome. -Continues Drusera's story. -Solo or group play     "And There's More to Come... Keep your eyes open for further updates on even more exciting things happening during Destination Arcterra and beyond—including information about everyone's favorite Lopp fortune teller, tidbits about undead zombie pirates, and protips about how to make your most awesome gear even awesomer. Stay tuned!"  
  5. The great snowball fight champs!

    This has gotten out of hand. And I'm mad I missed it.
  6. Coconut Monkey and Rest In Piece Maker Giveaway

    I just got my code.
  7. Chicken's Raad Anthem

    @[member='Acklys']  Thats amazing. And also close to home..   This is my coffee song.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqSVxpAzl1I
  8. 100% Accurate Ohmna Guide

    Alls I remember, is I always got to tank the frowny face..
  9. 100% Accurate Ohmna Guide

    ok so, what does the blue swirly bit in the middle ish area mean?
  10. Linky linky this doesn't effect our weekend progression, but they have moved the weekly maintenance to Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday. This doesn't just change raad times, but currency reset like elder gems and omni bits. Effective this week, the weekly reset is on Wednesday morning.
  11. November 27th - 29th Double XP Weekend

    @[member='Chickenstew'] I just urban dictionaried. thats not as bad as I thought.
  12. Coconut Monkey and Rest In Piece Maker Giveaway

    Also still waiting on my e-mail from them. I don't know if I'd call this desperate. I know Guild Wars 2 actually does more give always than this during the holiday seasons.    maybe this is this coming out with the Ekose event later this month?
  13. Yet Another Mount Giveaway

    Twitter is pretty nice, I only follow the MMO games I play on mine. They announce things like downtime, and if there is a commonly known issue. Wildstar is good at mentioning when they are taking down servers, and tweeting when they are back up.   twitter is usually the first source they use.   They also announce the giveaways like this.
  14. Getting Runed for Raading

    Can't wait till we get to raad.
  15. November 27th - 29th Double XP Weekend

    In case you were wondering how awesome this was. I got 2 alts to 48, and 1 alt to 45.  This was an amazing weekend.

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