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  1. Hello from Archeage!

    Welcome to ADK!! Never played ArcheAge before but it sounds like a great game. :)
  2. im new, LOVE ME

    Welcome man, ADK is the best of the best and I can guarantee you will never want to go to any other server. Have Fun! 

    Sup man, welcome, your profile picture has me laughing my ass off!!! The Detroit location sold it all! 
  4. USMC Aviator introduction post

    HEY MAIN WERE PILOTS! Cool intro buddy, I would be your co-pilot anytime... or you could be mine. :D
  5. [USMC}Recon Introduction to =ADK= membership

    RECON!, Awesome intro man, we go way way back, I remember years ago when we first started playing Dayz. Those were the days my friend! USMC! ....and Air Force...
  6. Welcome medic, we are in fact Fire Dept. buddies and when your flying in that paramedic helicopter, I'll be flying higher watching you. Squad up bro, Squad up!  
  7. Hello everyone, I am Super 61, and I am currently looking to make a membership account with ADK. I mainly play on ADK's Cherno Dayz server, infact thats about all I play. I've been on this server for quite a long time, me and my partner in crime, USMCRECON, started about the same time. I live on the east cost, I'm a volunteer firefighter, I'm Training to be an EMT, I'm in school, and I'm taking flight lessons in a Cessna 152. When I'm not doing all that I'm playing on this server, having fun. I plan on getting people to not shoot on sight, which a LOT of people do, and instead try to work things out. Who knows you might make a new friend.  I will try to play as much as a can and I am looking forward to being a member and playing with everyone (No pun intended).   Thank you, Super61  

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