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  1. Currently my hangar is packed with LTI Endeavor Discovery Class (with a Landing bay bought separately) LTI Retaliator (with a Front Troop Module, Rear Cargo Module, and Rear Living Module) LTI Orion Cutlass Red Cutlass Blue Constellation Aquila (with Ursa Rover and Merlin) I had a Caterpillar and Redeemer but I traded them in for the Endeavor, ive been wanting that ship ever since the funding goal haha I figure my Retaliator can replace the Redeemer as a Troop Transport especially with the Rear Cargo Module because I can always strap in extra weapons, ammo, supplies, etc...... for the troops. even the Living module will have purpose for the troops on long flights. my Constellation or Endeavor can replace my Caterpillar for cargo needs. I know my go-to ship will be my Endeavor just for its modular design so I can configure it do a lot of things, especially loading cargo and one of my Cutlass ships into the Landing bay for all sorts of things.
  2. Colorado gamer.

    Nice im actually going to be moving back home to Colorado here in a week or two, moving down to Northglenn right off I-25 :) its nice to see more Colorado Gamers haha
  3. Star Citizen client expected to be around 100GB

    im going to have a SSD or something dedicated to this game..... its a big game but i think it will be worth it in the end. :)
  4. that would be terrifying..... i could just imagine running through a ship and seeing things blowing up around you, or sitting in a seat like that on a Redeemer as its taking fire coming in for a Hot LZ. think about it the back hatch on the Redeemer gets blown off and it loses a main engine so it starts spiraling around as you plummet to the ground, that would be scary as hell but awesome at the same time :D
  5. Secret Asteroid Base?

    @[member='PunishaKelv'] the Constellation Phoenix has actually been recommended by alot of people on the SC Forums as a potential Meeting ship or Flagship because of its interior. @[member='BookD20'] yea its a Cutlass Blue, i have that one along with the Cutlass Red S&R Ship both are really cool the Cutlass blue actually has Holding cells in it and if you by the package you get the Restraint gear and a Baton as well :) its the all-in-one Militia/Bounty Hunting/Police Vehicle
  6. [Ideation] Star Citizen Desk

    @[member='Sakkara'] im actually quite jealous of that set-up...... i think i might have to put something like that together some day haha i like the triple monitor display and the X-55's under them, i have X-55's as well they are amazing
  7. Not sure this game is worth playing any more

    All i could really recommend is not logging out outside of a Station as you might risk spawning inside a asteroid, and if your using Wing Nav-lock make sure they are out in the open far from foreign objects. Chock it up to bad re-entry coordinates, i mean if your dropping out of Supercruise or Hyperdrive your not going to see a Asteroid until its too late. theres a reason why most movies and games dont recommend anything like that near a object in space, its because you run the risk of exploding.       other then that sorry that happened to you, ive had that happen once and lost several million thats why i always stick to stations and double check a re-entry
  8. yea i have a ton of ships haha, i just wanted to make sure i had ships so i could run the roles i wanted to when the game came out. instead of wasting alot of time working on things that dont interest me just to get a ship to do that plus with all those ships and the Insurance i have on them like the LTI on my Orion i can go Mining and not have to worry about ever losing it :) and if i wanted to i can always sell my Orion with its LTI to someone for alot of credits
  9. I Currently own:   1x Drake Cutlass Red (6 months) 1x Drake Cutlass Blue (6 months) 1x Aegis Retaliator (2 Years) 1x Aegis Redeemer (6 Months) 1x Drake Caterpillar (2 Years) 1x RSI Constellation Aquila (6 Months) 1x RSI Orion (LTI)   Ill probably be picking up more ships but i havent made my decision on what to get yet.   Ill mainly be doing Exploration, Trading, Mining, transportation. although im not against Military Operations with my Retaliator or Redeemer if needed.
  10. Hello, its nice to meet you all

    Thank you for the warm welcome, ill actually be hoping on TS3 here in a second once i get it set-up.
  11. Hello guess its time to introduce myself, bare with me because i normally dont talk about myself that much. I dont like to come off rude or a Narcissist haha Anyway my names Jordan im 22 years old (23 this May) im Active Duty Military, US Navy been in for about a little over 2 years. In the last 5 months i have been to 4 countries and been on 2 ships, i also got to ride in alot of cool military vehicles as well :) I could talk about my job but its really boring, i dont do anything important at all mainly twidle my thumbs until i go on a deployment. a few interesting facts about me, I love motorcycles! i have been thrown from a bike once into a 48ish foot slide and roll only to get up shake it off and get back one. Even after that i still love motorcycles i prefer 2 wheels to one any day of the week. I am a bit of a Nerd when it comes to Military Vehicles and Weapons, chances are if its currently used i have either seen it in person or know alot about it. I am a big time gamer, i could list all the games i play but then we would be here for awhile as you read over the Book that is my game list lol. the big ones that i play frequently on PC are 7 Days to Die, ArcheAge, Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, and Elder Scrolls Online. I do own a Xbox One and have a few more games on tha mainly just GTA V, BF4, BF: Hardline, Farcry 4, Warfame, and Halo MCC. I personally prefer PvE to PvP any day of the week, so i mainly stick to fun co-op games with friends.     Hmm how i found you guys, well i ran past alot of your members in ArcheAge i go by the name Arcasian in there. Ive ran past some of your members so that name kept popping up, when i looked up ArcheAge Guilds this one was listed in the top couple groups If there is anything at all you want to know about me that i didnt cover feel free to ask, growing up i adopted the "Honesty is the best Policy" sort of view so i like to be honest with everyone. Id go into more and more detail but i really dont know what to say, its not often that i type of alot of information about myself. mainly because i dont know what you people want to know about me or what you dont >.< Anyway its a pleasure to meet each and every one of you, and i look forward to playing some games with some of you soon

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