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  1. Windows Update

    For the past 3 days I've been tearing what lil hair I have left trying to get rid of gwx folder that most of my friends say messes up their perfectly working Win 7. MS even admits that the migration is from hell, and that folder was stuck like a tick. This morning I thought if I unplugged my cable to my modem I'd get away with it again, but instead it started installing Win 10. No doubt it probably works fine on new PC's but why fix something when it's not broke? The wait time was 3 hours to speak to someone about this issue at MS, so let me save some trouble for anyone who is content with what they got. Let the GWX folder install Win 10 (About 30 minutes for us country folks in Montana) , it will then dump you on a blue background page with white letters that says "Let's Talk the Legal Stuff" or something akin to that. You're left with 3 choices : back, decline and accept. Wanna take a chance with your OS? Hit "Accept". Wanna go back to whatever you had before? Just hit "Decline" and it will take you back to your OS of choice. Once your back on solid ground it takes you to a "Red Error" screen that says that Win 10 didn't install properly. After crying tears of joy, my advice would be to reboot the PC one more time to get any cob webs out of the PC and now I'm back to using Win 7. BTW it's no great deal, because the free OS goes away after one year of use and you got to pay to play. Just want to save anyone the hassle who thinks their PC is being jacked by MS. It is, but they're not ready for a world wide class action law suit. Steven
  2. Possible Hack of BF 4 Game

    Darknae,   I don't know what happened. I sent you the files at the address you gave me via blackfoot.net  so you should have gotten them. I'll check to insure I sent it to the correct email though and get back to you. This guy has certain patterns he uses such as colors for the rifles and he's taken my English out and now I only have Chinese. I realize that ADK has changed to Chinese instead of Russian, but I should be able to hear in English. He has done this twice to me, and he also messed up my tank and vehicle config's too. My score has gone way down too, as it seem he may have switched the hitting power. On one of my DMR's (The one that looks like the M-16) I was supposed to get the target indicator but it still shows that I haven't earned it, and although I have my configurations back, there are still magnifiers for the EO Tech  sight that are still painted red above them. But I will check and see if it went through, although when I sent it I was told it was successful. Sorry for the inconvenience.   Steven
  3. Possible Hack of BF 4 Game

    Sorry I didn't read your latest post. I sent you the paint files several hours ago. FYI, I thought I had things cleaned up so I went onto Metro @ 1920 hours (MST) and the guy struck again. I spent several hours trying to figure out how to overcome the damage and when it was cleaned up I decided to give it another try. I was bounced for having an XM-25 with explosives. I didn't even stop to read whether or not I lost points or not. I just got off. Sure as hell, the SOB went and did enough of my machine guns that I'm going to have to stop playing until we can catch whoever is doing this to me. I hate bitch cowards like this person.  My apologies to whoever the admin was but it was not intentional. Please LMK if the paint files are not readable and I will see if I can expand them. Thanks for your help in this matter also, and thank you to ADK for putting out a great server.   Steven aka {FP}fpSatcong69
  4. Possible Hack of BF 4 Game

    Hi Darkne,   I think I can get the files down with resizing the pictures. Thanks again for your help.   Steven  aka {FP}fpSatcong69
  5. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    I didn't like the bipods being banned because of all the replies above. But one thing I've learned to do is adapt. Whiners need to stop and learn to adapt. It may just  save your life for real one day. Another thing I hate is people who surrender or bad mouth the team they're on, like they're the only good player. Bounce bitch! In  the war I was in we'd shout to each other "Fight like hell, go down swinging, die in place." It had a calming affect if you say it enough. The only time I got pissed and left the game was the time the team I was on was losing badly but my team was having conversations about drugs. WTF! Get on a server and play to the best of one's ability. I'm not as good as I was when I was younger, but it's for the love of the game. If the team I was with wasn't more concerned about codeine, oxycotin   etc. we would have had a better showing. I know some people play high or drunk, but at least most of them have come to play the game.
  6. Possible Hack of BF 4 Game

    I've gotten things pretty much back to normal.  I just want to send ADK 3 paint files showing what happened.   {FP}Satcong69
  7. Possible Hack of BF 4 Game

    Hello Darknae, It would seem that whoever did this to me must have been watching me reporting them to ADK, because now I can change my scopes out.  At least that's how it was as of last night around 12 A.M. I haven't checked today because I've been busy with  the VA which thinks it owns me. I beg to differ. What I wanted to send to you are the 3 files that I saved from Paint. It clearly shows the hacks in 3 different files, only I don't know how to send it to you. I went and scanned them so they can be sent out as files but I thought you all had a section for accepting them. The first clearly shows the red over the scopes making it impossible to change. The other shows the loadout that would have gotten me kicked and the last one shows me with the L-115 that I clearly have not earned along with the Deagle .44. How can I send them for your observation? Thank you for your help in this matter. BTW I used the @ mention below your name but it's showing up anyway. I hope no one else sees this.   {FP}Satcong69
  8. I am a Terrible American Citizen

    IMHO, I believe that Trump is not a "born again conservative" like Regan was. With Regan (Who was a long time Democrat) he found his views were constantly challenged as the Democratic Party moved to bigger government. But things were different back in the day. Both sides of the fence were able to come together on passing bills that kept our Nation functioning. Trump, on the other hand was a "shake and bake" . Many of the things he says he's going to do are right out of the Democratic play book. It wouldn't surprise me if he and Hillary got together to find a way to make this a one party nation. Look at what he's doing and saying. I was in the Military when Carter was President and while raising 2 daughters, the government got into a gridlock and no budget was passed. It was over several months as I recall, that I wasn't getting paid, but we had to wait until Regan was elected. Mean time I had creditors nipping at my heels demanding payment. Never mind that I wasn't getting paid, they still wanted their pound of flesh. When Regan was elected the first thing he did was give the Military a 14% pay hike! What a blessing that was. But under the first Bush, Congress decided to give themselves a 52% pay raise. Millionaires decided that since they needed a place to live in Wash D.C. as well as their home towns while holding us to 2% raises (And calling that inflationary) many people were sending tea bags to their Congressmen. I was in the Coast Guard at the time and flew out of Miami Air Station. Congressmen from all over the Country would come down to our station to get photo's taken in front of our Jets that were used for anti drug and immigration intercepts and they would send a notice to their electorate that they were all for anti drugs and anti immigration funding. Meanwhile I noticed the guys would have lots of good looking "Secretaries" with them as well as a few trusted aides and they promptly refueled their own Jets and headed for a vacation on the taxpayer's dime. I went to the base exchange and bought two boxes of tea bags while a Congressman from Indiana was "doing the talk" and I ran up to him and presented him with the two boxes of teabags. "Congressman, do you know what these are for?" He replied that he did and that he was getting a lot sent to him. "I realize this might cost me my career ( I was in uniform when I did this) but I have to look at myself in the mirror every day and while you have the nerve to vote yourselves a 52% pay raise and hold people such as myself to microscopic ones, what you're doing is shameful. Keep two for yourself and pass out the other 46 to your friends when you get back from your gambling junket." My Commanding Officer was standing next to him getting ready to have a vapor lock and I turned and walked away before my 2nd in command could stop me. Needless to say I got in a world of trouble but it was worth it to me. In the 66 years I've lived I've never seen a more weak and divided Nation than I do today. You may be anti military, but our own allies no longer trust us, and we have some crazy Nations who threaten world peace, with their build up of nuclear weapons. In the meantime we've downsized below what the Military was before WWII. Russia has the greatest amount of nuclear weapons in the world and Iran is their proxy. The choices we have for President on both sides are laughable if it weren't so damn sad that young Americans are going to have to pay in blood once again for a Military that's been micro managed from the White House. Some people think their votes still count but they never did with the Electoral College in charge. Corruption within the government is at an all time high, and it's safe to say that our Government is broken. I've never been as pessimistic about the Country I love and spilled blood for than I am now. "Build a fence my ass!" He's never heard of the tunnels being dug under the one we have now? On the other side of the coin you will find another four years of the same old thing, and the same old thing won't make it.
  9. Possible Hack of BF 4 Game

    Thought about the above reply to my post. One thing about Origin/EA is that they have the weakest password sign ins which don't allow for any symbols except for - or =. Besides which, anyone who can hack my game can hack a new password.  Still thanks for the reply.
  10. Possible Hack of BF 4 Game

    Thanks! I'll give this a try!
  11. Possible Hack of BF 4 Game

    ADK's Metro is my favorite server and has been for some time. Today I saw 3 people waiting to play and I wanted to help populate it. I got off around 3:33 P.M. (MST) to look at a green box I got for the RPK - 12. When I went to go back on I saw that my  weapons had been changed on my Engineer and Support Soldiers  to SKS's, and I don't use them very much. I went to change my support to  LSAT on my Support guy but I was unable to change  the scope or any of the other accessories.  I also noticed that I had 2 rgo grenades (One for the Assault and one for the recon) along with an M-153 SMAW for the Engineer and C-4 for Recon. Also I have a weapon that I have not earned yet set as my main Recon weapon( L115). Three of my four pistols had been changed also (Deagle .44 which I also have not earned). Had I gone back on I would have been hard put to explain why I had explosives and I rifle I haven't earned. I have saved pictures of them on Paint but I'm having a hard time loading them onto  choose files since Paint won't let me separate them and send them, but I have 3 pictures showing my dilemma. Anyone that can help me send these for observation your help would be appreciated. Also, I was able to get rid of the rgo grenades and place the M-67 back in their place, and the SMAW is gone.   Steven aka {FP}fpSatcong69
  12. What form do I use to complain about someone hacking my weapons?

  13. Banning bipods!

    It's kit for machine guns. I've never used them on anything else, but it shows who of you would really come to love them in the real world as I have. Essentially I will no longer be equally matched to take out a sniper or anyone with a DMR as before. Each of the four soldiers we have ( medic, engineer,  recon and  support ) will now be tilted in favor of the sniper. This is just more people whining when they get cut down by a MG. Get over it.  Are shotguns next because certain people are good with that kit? I hope not, but I'll abide with whatever call  you make. But you take away from the game  when getting rid of certain gear, and imho, bipods are part of the help that will cause recon and others to dominate. That's my dime, but you already have this worked out. ADK is superior to other Metro servers because it takes a bit more knowledge about your weapon than having a guy sit back and keep killing you with an XM-320. It's been fun going up against better players because that's the only way one can get better themselves. What should go is  the board with everyone making comments, but that's a whole other ball game. I normally don't let it frustrate me, but when teammates were talking about drugs rather than concentrating on the game, that's it for me.  In the real world, 3 campers can tie down a lot of people and since most of you haven't been in that situation yet, I hope for your sakes you never are. But I've also carried an M-60 in 120 degree (F) with 98% humidity. After several days of that if those bipods were women I would have married them both.  The Type 88 will suffer and the MG-4, well hopefully you will know how to walk it onto the   target. The rest of the MG's like the 249 and the LSAT are very controllable and bipods just make them more so. Even the M-60 won't  be impossible to use without bipods, but whiners are on  both sides of the  ban. Perhaps we should think about banning whining. I'm all for that.  
  14. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    Hopefully no one has to face these weapons for real. Banning that, any weapon (except explosives and the official "list") should  be used.   Steven
  15. And it doesn't matter to me if I'm shot by someone who identify's themselves as male or female or if I shoot either on the opposing side, It's a game. Did the same thing in the real world but that was just to survive. And as for this election gig, I've been a Republican for many years, but Trump scares me. I think he was hired by the old lady running for the Democrats, but even if he's for real, I'm thinking about becoming independent. When growing up, every time John Kennedy made a speech, one's heart sang! Oh how I cried the day he died. Then LBJ comes in, means well, but he messed up trying to micromanage a war from the oval office. Stupid man. So was slick Dick. Carter was incompetent and we in the Military didn't get paid for several months. When Regan came in we got a 14% pay hike. Gotta love that if you're eating mayonnaise sandwiches. Like him or not, he got Communism to fail, but then the President we have now goes on a tour to apologize to the world for America. I've been around it several times both in and out of the Military and nothing beats what this Country has the potential to do.

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