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  1. This is the Cutest cat ever! <3

    Cute kitty ! Thanks for sharing that video. That made me so happy :D.    Can't say no to that face.
  2. Star Wars Humble Bundle...

    I just bought alot of star wars games :D thanks for the reminder @ Dylbags99
  3. Favorite UI color for exploration

    Yep.. its really fun for me to be creative.
  4. The Future....

    If you watched the new avengers movie you see this cool smart phone from IronMan     Now This would be so awesome if we could have this one day.   The funny thing about this is..a person posted a picture in the reply section.. XD its the best.     The link to the atrical about the phone / Samsung : http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/01/07/ces-2015-samsung-reveals-incredible-avengers-tech  
  5. Favorite UI color for exploration

    I just make own hud color... I don't like using other peoples styles.    http://arkku.com/elite/hud_editor/
  6. PC -vs- PS3

      PC is truly the best!    I never regretted getting a pc once i was a little lad. I can do amazing things on the pc ! I can have tons of monitors on my pc and tv? nope srry stick with one screen. This picture says a lot.
  7. Star Wars: Battlefront 3

    I'm alittle scared about EA, they made some bad games in the past like uhhh.....simcity    Hope EA notices alot of people likes Starwars and if they mess up....well boom goes the dynamte on the game and EA...but then aging it should make EA more aware on the title of the game...so they wont F up lol.
  8. I just watch a new trailer to the new game SWB3, and it looks amazing [ Video ]    Hope dice and the developers can make this game great like BF3, but i am little scared about what can happen to this game like tons of bugs or poor mechanics like bf4 :P also i hope this game will not be power hungry like some games....   Hope they can still have the jedi battle mode like battlefront 2. also are you happy about who is developing this new battlefront game? if not why? if so why? 

    Elite dangerous: I enjoy the trading on the game. I love to challenge myself to find the best deals across the stars. To bring more thrill is the pirates that can kill you etc. so its like  truck simulator on drugs. + great sights to look at.
  10. What is your best game series and why?

    agreed :D elderscrolls is amazing
  11. Of Mice and... mousepads?

    I have great luck and fun with razer  products
  12. New job!!!

     that's cool :D
  13. Watch out for Origin account hackers

    i know i'm just saying i stick with on gaming company like steam that's all 
  14. Pennsylvania Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

    lol first 2 mins are like wut da heck..then after that 3 min mark i was like ahhahahah !!! Loved the video :D
  15. Looking for new games

    Elite Dangerous is the bomb! Mik3y try that game out :D

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