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  1. Overwatch UGC Team: Headed to Playoffs!

    That's amazing ladies that's what I like to hear. Keep up the great work and good luck in playoffs.
  2. I would like to ask you all do do me a quick favor and take the 3 minutes and 56 seconds to watch a video of a good friend of mine. this man has been through hel and back battling with addiction and had the courage to put a heart felt poem he had written on facebook for all to see and to show people that you can get clean and it can be done even against all odds. please take a fw moments to watch like and share this video it might help someone you know.
  3. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    Steam Name:☣MIKEY☢ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:112423739 Stream Link (If Streaming): Hours/Days that you can play: any time needed
  4. ESL ONE NY 2016

    In an EPIC Tournament In Brooklyn, New York this weekend Na'vi Takes the title over VP in an amazing best of 3 series. After VP pulled a HUGE upset against SK beating them 2-1 where 2/3 of those matches went into overtime one of those matches even went into double overtime. Virtus.Pro was unable to clutch the title against Na'Vi. In the first match of the Finals Virtus.Pro beat Na'vi by a big deficit of 16-3 (Cobblestone) The second Match of the BO3 was Na'Vi's from the very beginning punishing VP for their previous win with a score of 16-8 on (Train) tying the series 1-1. The third and final Match was played on Mirage this was an all out brawl with both teams going back and forth Na'Vi was able to beat Virtus.Pro in Overtime 19-17. Both teams clearly played their hearts out and Had CS:GO fans begging for more. This was one of the best tournaments I have watched in a long time and I can't wait for more. E-league is the next event with the LAN Qualifiers starting on December 15th 2016 and ending on December 18th 2016 we will get to see who qualifies to play at the next Major which will be broadcasted on National Television on TBS network January 22nd 2017- January 29th 2017 in Atlanta Georgia.
  5. @Pepsi @NoxNoctus I appreciate the replies. @NoxNoctus sometimes especially with CS:GO if you do not set some kind of ground rules for group ques than people tend to not take the competitive match serious and troll which is followed by salt and arguments lol.
  6. Money come and go, hoes come and go, foes come and go, friends come and go… my soldiers stay eternal LLADK

  7. Amazing job guys keep up the great work.!!!
  8. Disclaimer: For the Grammar Nazis that will undoubtedly have something to say about my grammar, I am terrible at sentence structure and Grammar and i don't care enough to fix it LOL. With all the drama, BS, OMG's, and POOR ME's going on lately I believe it's about that time to get back to the basic reason we are all here....... TO GAME!!!!!!!! If you choose to be apart of the drama or stay in the drama than it is you're fault and you're fault alone as to why ADK is drama filled for you. ADK is what you make of it like any other community out there. Anyone who would like to play CSGO either casual games or MM/FACEIT games please feel free to add me on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/mik3y508/ <<< there is my steam profile link. I also have Overwatch and WoW BT: ADKxMIKEY#1474 WoW Server/Faction: Emerald Dream:HORDE!!!!!!! I have Battlefield 4 BF4 profile link to add me: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/MIK3Y774/ I also have XBOX ONE where i play CoD Black Ops 1 CoD Blacks Ops 3 CoD Advanced Warfare And soon CoD Infinate Warfare/ CoD 4 remastered Destiny Gears Of War Ultimate ( Gears Of War 4 very soon) My GamerTag is MIK3Y774SILDI3R. Please feel free to add any/all of the accounts listed above to play with me in any of the games i have. Right now i am Mainly playing CS:GO but will also be playing BF1 on PC as well as GoW 4 and CoD IW/CoD 4 remastered when they come out on CONSOLE ONLY. Simple rules of Gaming with me without getting kicked or removed from my groups. 1. NO DRAMA!!!!!! 2. NO DISCUSSIONS OF POLITICS OR RELIGION 3. NO TOXICITY 4. NO THROWING GAMES 5. NO DERANKING 6. NO RAGING 7. NO NEGATIVITY 8. NO TROLLING 9. HAVE FUN 10. LAUGH A LOT 11. SHIT TALK EACH OTHER ALL YOU WANT 12. BE COMPETITIVE AS FUCK!!!!!! If and ONLY IF you can follow the above than add me and lets game on!!!!!!
  9. When the time has come

    bruhh..... but you my broskii :(
  10. Wow anyone

    @Astrobamf that would be awsome and @Dev4station you need to faction change than LOL i see alliance and i see red bro.
  11. Wow anyone

    @Dev4station @Lokaikgb @Astrobamf I have been playing a TON since pre-patch 7.0.3 which started a week ago. With demons hunters active and Invasions going on now is the time to come back especially if you do not have a level 100. if you pre-order legion you get to boost a character to 100. If you don't already know you can either boost 1 character from 1-100 instantly OR get a level 60 character pick 2 professions and if you use it on the level 60 character it will boost that character to 100 and you're professions you picked will also be maxed out. I personally play on Emerald Dream it is an RP-PVP server which means it is both a PVE/RP server and also has World PVP meaning you can gank and raid the other faction. @Lokaikgb My advice to you is to try the game free you can download it create an account and level to 20 without having to pay. if you like it buy it and subscribe for a few months after those few months you should have enough in game currency (gold) to pay for you're subscription with the gold you have made instead of real money. currently it costs 39,000 gold for 1 month of membership which is not hard to obtain. to put it in perspective the gold cap (how much gold you can have on 1 toon) is 10 million gold. If any of you would like to join me on my server i play on Emerald dream US ( as stated above RP-PVP) and i play Horde ONLY (sorry if i see alliance i immediately see red and kill them all. my battletag is ADKxMIKEY my main toons are Allistor (Destro Warlock) and Crowleeyy (BeastMastery Hunter) both are at least ilvl 705
  12. Howdy Folks

  13. Howdy Folks

    @Jordan Rainey Welcome to ADK. I am Mikey I am a CS:GO admin, but I also play several other games. I used to be an ARMA 3 admin as well. Our CS:GO section is extremely chill most of the time people are either in-game together or in an open chat channel talking and having a few laughs. please feel free to come down to the CS:GO section and hang out with us. As for ARMA 3 currently we have 3 ADK servers. All 3 servers are EXILE servers 2 of which are Juvie servers ( Bornholm, Chernarus) The last server is a Supermax server which means it is kinda like a "Hardcore version of exile" that server is on Altis. the server IP's are as follows. =ADK= Exile Survival Supermax Altis- =ADK= Exile Survival Juvie Chernarus- =ADK= Exile Survival Juvie Bornholm- There is also a server in the works and that is =ADK= Exile Survival Tanoa- Please feel free to join any of our Arma 3 servers and have some fun.
  14. Hey I'm Bryce

    Feel free to add me on Battle.net ADKxMIKEY
  15. Hey guys I'm Bruce

    Feel free to add me on Battle.net ADKxMIKEY

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