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  1. Looking for new games

    An do u have to pay for it our pay a sub ever month or not
  2. Looking for new games

    What's it like more like eso our wow
  3. Looking for new games

    Ya I loved Dragon age on my ps3 they have it on the computer or are they coming out with it
  4. Why the end of the $60 video game is near.

    Right on 60 dollars is a lil too much am just like wow I have to have a 15 dollar sub when will it ever become free like eso
  5. World of Warcraft - The First 10 days

    Right on wod is great I been playing wow since 06 an its deff one of my fab computer game if not my fav I just recently started playing eso I should deff try it out
  6. Looking for new games

    But for PC the top 2 games that you Put up are also my two fav games i played wow since 06 but a buddy of mine just recently got me into ESO an i have not gone back to play WOW much besides my dailys an  garrison stuff beside that straight ESO lol i am really really liking ESO just as much as wow 
  7. Looking for new games

    Hell ya there are all some really good games both for PC an Xbox,but for right now i am running a ps4 an i am more into sports games like  Madden 15  NBA 15  so hockey here an there online is pretty sick
  8. What is your best game series and why?

    Ya deff ESO an skyrim an also for me would be WOD for worldofwarcraft
  9. New to eso

    Ya tell me about it couldn't do it on the computer until I downloaded that so did it on the phone an was lagging bad on phone
  10. Hover mouse

    I did not kno it was fake with all the new gaming shit coming out I would not dought it that they will make something like that
  11. New to eso

    Thanks everyone loving eso
  12. New to eso

    Thanks everyone loving eso
  13. New to eso

    Thanks everyone loving eso
  14. New to eso

    Thanks everyone loving eso
  15. New to eso

    Thanks everyone loving eso

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