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  1. Leaving ADK

    Well, it's been a good run guys. Met a lot of fantastic people on ADK over the last couple of years, made a great deal of friends I likely wouldn't have, but now with the Battlefield section closing, I've been absent. I'll miss you guys and it sucks because I use to have solid compadres who had my back in the heat of battle, but I hardly see anyone online anymore. I've changed my ign/disc to SinisterVirtue, so if you see me in a match somewhere feel free to hit me up. I enjoyed working through the ranks from a member to staff, the overall experience was pleasant and I wish ADK the best of luck going into the future. Peace Bluemoon
  2. any1 in az?

    What, we can't meet up at a gas station half way? @AOBLXIX lol
  3. Welcome back ADK Metro (video)

    His sniping reminds me of @JacknifeJones
  4. Vulgarus Intro

    @VulgarusV Which Battlefield ? and welcome to ADK.
  5. Hello There

    Welcome to ADK @BluBravo!!! @SquidneyYT @CaGregorio @FeistyTV
  6. Hi there

    Nope we're on Pc
  7. Hi there

    Play any Battlefield 4?
  8. BF4 Comeback?

    Not sure if @Spanky will reply to this or not. But I'll be covering the cost of the BF4 server @Darknae until we get donations in and it can support itself. Right now, there's no sense in pushing a BF1 server that can't be populated due to poorly executed system. The community wants a BF4 server.
  9. BF4 Comeback?

    @Marcinkoman @Wacko920 @b0nza1 @CoolLucK @LaithSJ @Naru @NikolaiRimskyK @JacknifeJones @MrsVirtue1776 @Spanky Admin meeting tomorrow based on this topic. Please find your way to the BF discord Section after the admin meeting.
  10. BF4 Comeback?

    I'm paying for the first three months out of pocket, Battlefield 4 never missed donations.
  11. BF4 Comeback?

    Either day is fine with me. Sunday at 7pm PST I'll be doing the final walk through on my new house, so actually, anytime in the early afternoon would be best.
  12. BF4 Comeback?

    Alright good sir, balls in your court...
  13. BF4 Comeback?

    That's a lot less than I thought it would be... How soon can I put in a $180 dono to get us up and going for the first 3 months?
  14. BF4 Comeback?

    I'm waiting on the final total cost from @Dowin Then we'll see how many months in advance I can plop down.

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