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  1. INARA ADK Wing Page

    It's not Out of date.... but its not actively maintained all the time either. Book currently runs it and if you send him any concerns he will update it
  2. Star Citizen Username/Handles Addlist 2947 (2017)

    Fullmetal-Dragon here
  3. MWO - CLAN vs IS vote!

    I watched it, they are basically coverting it to a two faction fight, So your picking between clan and Inner sphere now. That said my vote still stands, i say clan.
  4. MWO - CLAN vs IS vote!

    no. Really I'm gonna say clan, as they have both types of customization (omni & Inner-sphere style), and are generally more flexible in load out. Plus most the clan mechs may "cost" more, but to properly outfit a inner sphere mech it is about the same cost, as most the Clan mechs start with the basic upgrades you do to a inner sphere. (The Few That don't are IIC Mechs, and the IIC mechs can be tasters for inner-sphere ones.) plus not gonna lie, I'm excited to actually be able to use XL engines without making the mech a walking time bomb.
  5. Hey You where you Been Lately? ;P


  6. Fullmetal's Rig

    This is a Gallery of my current Setup and my past ones
  7. Feedback

    ABSOLUTE CRAP WORST PROGRAM IN HI...... Well actually, I'm glad it moved over. Teamspeak causes weird bugs, and every other group I have is in Discord atm. SO far 0 Complaints here.
  8. Count to 1,000

    345+(25*2)-49=346 definitely don't quote me as i only passed applied math 30 by failing pure math 30 with a 48.
  9. Count to 1,000

    Oh once per day? I broke that rule like 15 times... In that case subtract like 10 numbers. OR ignore that i said anything... 339
  10. Count to 1,000

  11. Count to 1,000

  12. Count to 1,000

  13. Count to 1,000

    327 / 2 Phreaktaco will conform
  14. Count to 1,000

    2 / 325
  15. Windows 10

    If you use the start screen as a launch pad like it supposed to be its actually not that horrible to use. I am also a icon nazi. I refuse to have 10 million icons on the desktop. I use the desktop folders for active projects. And a few bat launchers. That's it so this makes it run pretty nicely
  16. Count to 1,000

    Mazda 323
  17. Count to 1,000

    Make sure to include them duplicates ;p 320
  18. Count to 1,000

  19. Count to 1,000

  20. Count to 1,000

  21. Count to 1,000

  22. So i have $600 to spend....

    My benefits at work Allow me $300 a year for hobbies. Ironically not Cars or Airsoft are allowed. But Paintball Go nuts*grrr...r..* Anyways,  I have two years Stacked of it. And $250 of Christmas Money Saved up. Total Budget: $850 (I'll add the overage to the Budget if thats what I get) This is CAD.  I've Narrowed it down.  Issues,  -X52 Getting Sloppy.  -Dual stick Setup gets in the way, But the X52 throttle has a terrible layout by default. (See Photo) -Want to try trackIR -CPU is a First Gen i7-860 (Cant got 4790k -Details Below) -GPU Runs Very Hot, but other than that No issues. (60 degree idle, 85 degree load, Not overlocked as even though i can keep the temps at 85 easily, it just crashes.) Was a old rendering card from a company. 1.) Gpu    -I wanna go to a 980 TI, but I don't really see that $900 Difference from my 780 to make it worth the extra $400 i have to throw in,(Edit I guess it os only fifty bucks on top, considering my willingness on the above cart)  I run surround so the 980ti's ram and extra speed could help.  (Anyone made that Jump that could offer insight?) This would Probably help Star Citizen Tremendously though, on the other hand i could pick up a second used 780 and out do this, however I would then Require option 2 here as the PCI slots Currently are the wrong layout. 2.) CPU  Cart: https://gyazo.com/067523f0c1a62f120d63e48de4cb339e   -This was my first thought. and if the Motherboards were still available i would have just defaulted to here. However i cannot find any z97 m-ATX boards so I have to jump one more generation to the Z170 board. I only feel that my CPU is lacking when rendering, (so once every like 3 months) I want to produce more content but to be honest, I barely sleep enough already so thats expensive, besides Even Planetside 2 doesn't go much over 80% usage in peaks, so I doubt I am gaining any gaming performance here.   i7-860 -> i7 6700K I would need some convincing to do i5-6600k I like my 8 threads.... and i have money to throw.... (only $165.03 savings, However I could toss the $175 (Joystick + left over from throttle) in to get the Hotas setup if I buy the i5. But I fear that will bite me later. Cart) ~ Total over budget, ~$60. +Mobo Layout can Sli in my case, +Newer by 5 generations - Should be a Noticeable Performance Increase. - Gaming performance increase is Questionable. (If anything my 780 Seems to be the Hold up in my system) 3.) Peripherals...   Cart: https://gyazo.com/0ec02767f78e4d1ffd0d0611a213dc72   +I figure this would be the most felt bang for buck here, It would make getting in and out of the cockpit easier, Give me better controls for Elite/SC/PS2, Simplify my software, and give me a wireless option for the few times i just want to go get things. +I have a Roccat Tyon Coming, +Fighter-stick is More precise, +Pro throttle has a analog stick i can use for thrusters, Eliminating the need for the second joystick. -Ch Products look like toys..... (even if they aren't. Home | Industrial ) +Headset would be handy as it can actually Disconnect from the Rig, And it would eliminate wires. (Can be run wired when battery dies or if I want to use it on something else.) +Coming in Under Budget Actually! ~I was also thinking I may keep my current head set (Soundblaster Tactic 3d) and go for the trackIR5, (expensive here at about $230 Cad.+ $70 Shipping) <For Euro Truck SIm, Dirt, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen. < Number one criticism of this is I have Surround already. My experience with head tracking has been a *meh* feeling, but i also never tried a trackIR before, just home-brew gyro stuff. Now a decent free track setup could also fix this. for about $100 (Camera & Ir Clip) What Are your thoughts, Which one would you buy given $600 free cash. I'm leaning towards the Peripheral Package as it would have the most noticeable effect, however the Processor Change out is a major difference on the spec sheet, but wether it actually amounts to $850 of worthwhile investment i Questionable.  As always, Have Fun Guys!  
  23. So i have $600 to spend....

    Lol i have a Herman Miller chair as far as furniture setups i work for a office furniture company. I got tons! But i went for the peripheral upgrade and don't regret it.
  24. Dev Update 28/01/16 -- Better AI coming in 2.1!!

    If PvE was to basically become a difficulty level near PvP I probably will end up not playing. Not because that is a bad thing but because i will simply always be out of money, I get my ass kicked enough at the current level. And just arbitrary difficulty hikes will only make the game a miserable experience for people like me who are average at their best. Just because my rank went up (which happens regardless of skill currently) doesn't mean I am better at combat, it just means the experience counter ticked over. If they go too far they will end up like Planetside. Where the difference between newbie and experienced player is about 2 years worth of gameplay and you spend 90% of your game time watching the respawn. In which case i have a clock if i want to watch seconds count. Planetside chases probably 75-80% of their new player base because of the difficulty curve, I would hate to see Elite do the same
  25. If that sidy can stay behind them thrusters and the annie doesnt leave. He will win. Eventually

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