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  1. Snowdown 2015

    I almost died of cute overload when I saw those bard penguins for the first time! 
  2. Official ADK ranked team

    1. Here's my LoL king: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/23273095 2. my preferred roles are top and jungle 3. I'm available weekdays 3:00-9:00 CST, and pretty much any time during the weekend.   Greenshaw's tryout notes: I need to see you play current champs and power picks, you dick around too much in normals for me to get any solid read right now besides your one renekton game Played renekton- Went vs daruis was 4-0 by 12 minutes and took tower, never needed help to get ahead but you did stay top wayyyyy to long early. Get the early advantage, shove the wave and roam mid or bot, need you around teamfights and objectives early.
  3. League of Legends Active Members List

    I'm currently an applicant, but when I'm an official member make sure to put me on there! I frequently played with ADK members even before I applied and i consider myself a frequently active player.
  4. With the major changes in masteries and items in the major pre season, I'm not sure what's considered meta anymore. Changes to AD items have made adcs and ad assassins seem really strong, but at the same time someone could use any ap mage effectively with the use of a well thought keystone mastery. Through personal observations, I've seen just about anything work in this new patch. A team stacked with 4 adcs seem to be having an equal amount of success as a team comp with a standard 2 or 3 tank, 2 or 3 damage dealer layout. Are there champions you can pick that are definantly stronger than others, or is the game more than ever based on a persons ability to use that champion effectively? i would like to hear people's opinions on this and i would love to hear some success stories regarding champions that people are using now that wouldn't necessarily work before the major patch. Thanks!
  5. Ive started to pick back up one of my favorite cheese top laners, AD Garen. To be honest, it doesn't seem like that much of a cheese pick anymore. The addition of the new Black Cleaver's health and cdr increases has gave a major boost to the overall kit that Garen possesses. The armor shred applied from the item makes him melt through tanks and allow him to kill a squishy target in seconds with a practically true damage spin. I'm wondering how viable AD Garen is right now in all levels of competitive play. I would love to hear some feedback!
  6. Current Tank META Counters?

    This current meta is kinda starting to burn me out. It seems like every champion is either building cinderhulk or stacking massive amounts of health, armor, and magic resist. I was wondering if i could get some help from some forum members in finding some counters to this tanky, brick wall meta through champs, play style, and team fight strategies. 
  7. Kha'Zix Tips?

    if you're wanting to get the most out of your void spikes, it would probably be good to build some armor pen and a lot of AD. If you are maxing it and have a decent amount of AD (around 200) your void spikes at lv 5 should be doing around 300 damage (200+100% AD - enemy resists). Kha'Zix's void spikes have taken a pretty heavy hit from various nerfs in damage from his release up until now, so you shouldn't expect it to be doing tons of damage. Overall, i think Kha'Zix's void spikes don't need to do a lot of damage to make him a fun and viable pick in the current meta. Isolation damage op.
  8. New channel in the LoL TS Section

    I've got a couple here, so bear with me. Alistair's Milking corner The Rune Prison Rengar's Trophy Room Twisted Fate's Poker Room Gragas's Beer Hall Ezreal's Museum of Taunted Enemies   Hope you guys like some of them. :)
  9. League Of Legends 5.8

    Can't wait to play some of that Mundo top and see how he plays now. Currently loving the buffs to all the tanks.
  10. Greetings ADK!

    Hi, my name is drazirahc and i like to play video games. I primarily play League of Legends, but after my next purchase of a computer, ill be able to broadly expand my gaming library. As it stands at the moment, my computer can only handle low settings League of Legends and Hearthstone, but i plan on getting a computer that will be able to play just about anything. I also game on my xbox 360, so if you ever want to add me and play some BOII or some Halo, my gamertag is XxDrazirahcxX. I heard about ADK through some friends and met a couple of ADK regulars on the Teamspeak and had a lot of fun. ADK seems like a really great gaming community and I hope I can become a member.    Thanks For Reading!

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