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  1. Apologizing in advance for the poor editing, I've just started using video editing softwares a few weeks ago! ^^ Was a fun game, in a fun evening! :)
  2. From Pupil to Planet

    Damn, I was in a meeting most afternoon, and couldn't follow the stream... But how impressive is that! I just watched these 2 videos, and I can't wait to be able to do that.   Although I'm a bit worried that many people will just crash themselves on purpose on the surface of landing locations to create mayhem, if it's not automated at least in the last few hundreds meters... Is there something planned to prevent that?
  3. The one I learned with, and played the most: Shyvana! :)
  4. 2.0 IS LIVE

    Well, I was wrong. Just played a 1h session with no crash: multicrew + EVA + nice guy allowing us to multicrew his Tally got shipjacked... This is awesome! :)
  5. 2.0 IS LIVE

    Between "Server is full", the drop to less than 10 or even 5 fps when outside the station and inside my ship, or the various bugs I encountered when trying to fly it... I'll give it another try at some point today or tomorrow, but I guess I'll be waiting for a few patches to clean all that up to dive in even more.
  6. 2.0 Live today?

    Yep, here you go:   https://youtu.be/1yFN1dfbAjU?t=4334   Watch the next 30 seconds. It is confirmed indeed. And I have a party I cannot postpone tonight, so I guess I'll just play tomorrow (provided it's be stable enough to play!).
  7. 2.0 Live today?

  8. 2.0 Live today?

    https://twitter.com/BoredGamerUK/status/675407204908933120   I normally don't pay attention to rumors too much, but when it comes from one of the biggest follower of the project...  :lol: Please let it be true!   Apparently Chris Roberts said so in Reverse the verse...
  9. Alpha 2.0 Baby PU on PTU!!!

    Citizen #590k here... Won't get an invite, and I wouldn't download 40Gb of PTU anyway, with my 150Gb monthly limit. :(   So I'll wait for the release, very... very patiently. :p
  10. I liked your post, but I actually don't like it. :'( Would've been quite cool to have a place to chill close by... Oh well, guess I'll just EVA to your Idris then, or use the Merlin.
  11. Can you put a Connie in the hangar from an Idris? Or is it reserved for smaller ships?
  12. Alpha 2.0 Baby PU on PTU!!!

    I think they said the PTU access badges are mostly given to players who've been very active in Arena Commander... so I won't get access. Oh well, I can follow some streams, finish watching Jessica Jones, and play Fallout 4 while I wait for 2.0 to be released! :)   Enjoy, Book!
  13. Anniversary LIVESTREAM - Hype train and summary!

    Alright! I followed the live stream from work (it helps that it's a stream about video games, nobody was asking questions :p ), and it's finally here guys!! We'll be able to fly our multicrew ships!! I cannot wait to try that out once it releases, hoping it'll be less of a mess than that Arena Commander first release... :p
  14. Star Map - Where will we go?

    I'm all for exploration, ok for trading, and I'll participate in space combat as a support ship with my connie. Both options seem perfectly fine to me. I'd need to check a bit more those 2 systems before giving my opinion on that though, I'll spend some time on the star map next week-end, and I'll get back to you on this! :)
  15. PC incoming!!

    It's ok, I fixed it. :)

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