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  1. 1.1.5 is Live

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14852-Star-Citizen-115-Now-Live   Not sure how much of PTU is incorporated, but last I played they were on 1.1.5v3, hopefully incorporates these changes.  V3 was quite easy to get into multiplayer matches, I think I had 100% success rate.  So get in there and get playin!
  2. The Merlin

    I haven't tried it yet, but I did get blown up by one yesterday, quite a pretty ship!
  3. Star Citizen

    The game is in Alpha. :P
  4. Joystick?

    I've my doubts that any stick that's released exclusively for star citizen will be better than the HOTAS Warthog. [In terms of build quality, it could have better button functionality]  I've both the x-55 and the Warthog, I use the x-55 thruster with the Warthog stick. However, since the stick is only 2-axis, it requires pedals as well.  But, in terms of build quality, its one of the best peripherals I've ever seen.
  5. 1.1.5A

    A summary of the changes that were made can be found here (does not require PTU account): https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/272309/update-to-1-1-5-publish-to-ptu/p1 Full patch notes can be found here (these require a PTU account): https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/comm-link//14838-PTU-Star-Citizen-Patch-V115-V2 Steps on how to get a PTU account can be found here: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/272309/1-1-5-publish-to-ptu#latest   Will be testing tonightish for anybody who cares to join.
  6. 1.1.5 Update

         Hey guys.  So, testing out some 1.1.5 the past couple days with some of you.  Some things are not where I expected/or wanted them.  Namely, matchmaking is horrid again.  Takes awhile to get into games, and it's not the kindof thing I could try to get a band of dedicated folks behind yet.  However, there is good news.  The game SOUNDS amazing.  The new update to the game sounds gives those of us with positional audio a real treat, and besides that the sounds are just better quality, and more/different ones.  One of the other reasons why this patch is worth a look is it is a brand new flight model, really does feel quite a bit different.  For everyone that was bitching before how you could yaw/roll/pitch on a dime and it felt unrealistic -- those days are gone.  Flying is hard, and also pretty fun and rewarding when you get your ship to actually do what you intended. Which is good! More of the bad, seemingly new crashes have been introduced to compliment the old ones.  There is some crazy blur on textures, and some graphical glitches I've been getting personally, will have to read other reports to see if its just me. The barriers that kill you when you fly outside them are now invisible, either due to bug or intentional I'm not sure, but when the computer warns you, take it serious. :D You can still shoot them from a given distance and see the reflection, but there is no big giant blue wall. tl;dr: Bottom line, the patch didn't quite bring matchmaking to where it needs to be. Sound is new and awesome. Flying is new and difficult. If you're limited on bandwidth let this one sit in the oven a bit longer and grab it when it comes to live.  Client is around ~25GB
  7. 1.1.5 Soon to PTU, perhaps even today!

    I'm downloading it tonight, will give it some tests tomorrow (sunday).
  8. Black holes

    Black holes don't exist :D And, flash is dead. Look I posted to the forums!
  9. 1.1.5 Soon to PTU, perhaps even today!

    I still have everyone's schedule information who's given it to me, If you have not, please pm me your usual time of availability, in gmt preferably, or include your time zone.  Also, include what days are good or bad for you, and perhaps even someone who you'd like to play with.  Been waiting for this patch for awhile now, hopefully it will add some more stability.  We will start unofficial flight nights as soon as it drops to PTU -- and try to do bigger official weeklies/bi-weeklies after it hits live.  Also, this just in, 1.1.5 will support 16 player matches! :D
  10. CIG Ben Lesnick wcloaf Posted: July 17   Hey guys! Just wanted to keep you updated. Tonight's build isn't going to work, but DevOps is going to come in and try again tomorrow. Please check back Saturday afternoon for the next update.  
  11. We need some more folks to post to this thread and let me know they're interested in playing!  Anybody who any of us collectively know, please contact them personally, and try to get them re-involved.  In light of the recent patch news, I will try for next Weds on PTS (one day to dl 25GB might not work for everyone, but hopefully for a few), time to be posted on separate thread.
  12. Yeah, but I don't care about star marine :D  I'm excited that AC might be enjoyable/playable. I like the skaky banana tho.
  13. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/270962/1-1-4-publish-to-live-at-10am-cdt-3pm-gmt/p1
  14. Hey there, yes, please do contact me, feel free to shoot me a pm on the forums, or contact me in teamspeak.  I'll be collecting data thoughout the week and then I'll decide on 1 or 2 days I can commit to.  If you PM me on the forums, please include these following: 1. Time block available (use GMT preferably, or at least include time zone if you don't know your offset) 2. Preferred or blacklisted days. 3. Who you like to fly with, if possible. 4. What mode you prefer.   I'll keep compiling this list and publish it soon, together we can decide what works for us and get in game!   Please show up to flight nights ready to play, do some setup beforehand, make sure all your options, functions, hotas, etc are up to snuff before you head out.  If you need help in this just ask me or any of the staff, but lets keep flight night almost strictly play/fun times.   Known issues: Vandaal swarm coop has a crash for some folks including myself that rears its ugly head whenever it feels like, so we will most likely avoid this mode until it gets a patch.   

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