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Lucifer Hate

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    Desert Hot Springs , Ca.

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    Lucifer Hate

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    Win 7
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    Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.o
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    AMD 8350
  • Graphics
    Nvidia 760
  • RAM
    8 Gigs
  • Storage
    120GIG SSD and 1TB hard drive
  1. Who to pledge for when Power PLay comes out?

    Lucifer Hate  will be offering his loyalty in 1.3 to   Archon Delaine
  2. Any Poker players amongst us?

    I know this is an old  post and not trying to necro it. I love playing poker myself. I dealt hold'em and omaha for a couple years with a place that did charity casino events. I play online poker and have had some success. I got staked into a $55 300K GTD on pokerstars at 1 time and got 85th out of 8000+ starting players. It paid $585 and the guy that knocked me out went on to get 1st for 50K. I also play live poker when I can at a casino near me but I do prefer tournament play. 
  3. To all new Cmd's Looking to join the group.

    You could do it with your trading cobra for now and wait till you can deck out something a bit bigger. The cobra setup for trading is not bad and if you get with a good anaconda trader you can make like 50K off trade divs. each trip on a good run. I am not saying no to type 6 but the cobra gives you other options as well when wing mates are not on
  4. To all new Cmd's Looking to join the group.

    Getting in on a trading wing would be s good idea. There are CMDRS willing to help here that run trades in type 9 or Anacondas and with the trade dividends you can make more than rares in the same amount of time. 
  5. Some nice Anaconda Bounties

    Was not sure how high they could go in a res. Some of the guys on TS were saying less than 300K for a RES and more if it was 1 in a mission. 
  6. Meals for hungry Space Truckers

    Best space trucking recipe   3/4 shot of each of these 5 whites   rum vodka gin tequila triple sec   Add a splash of coke and sweet and sour mix. garnish with lemon    A few of these and you won't care if the station is 1.5M LS away from the star. may prefer it to go make another
  7. Some nice Anaconda Bounties

    Got a few nice bounties tonight. I got 4 bounties over 200K in a RES   201 227 227 and the highest was 261K. That is a personal record for me on bounty amount
  8. Power Play Update Comming!!!

    I did not think about that, that would work and make what I was thinking possible.
  9. Power Play Update Comming!!!

    This will open more teamwork I think. I would like the see a drone being able to transfer cargo though. Then you could use it if you want to help a friend or pay more to an escort
  10. California?

    I live just outside of Palm Springs myself

    I have a cobra head tattoo on my left shoulder. I want to get a back piece of a phoenix rising from the flame but the size and detail I would would cost alot.   On a side note have a pentacle brand on right shoulder
  12. Lucifer Hate has arrived

    Hello this is CMDR Lucifer Hate from Elite Dangerous checking in. I do some trading but am more of a merc/bounty hunter. I have played since the original Elite when it came out on the Commodore 64. My name is Michael and I am 44 years of age and I live in Southern Ca. I do play other games like Arma 3 as well as DayZ, War Thunder and a few others. I have been staff of a few communities which were primarily warz, arma2, arma3 mainly.     

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