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  1. So ready for this BFA event to start. My Fire Mage is all ready for it to pop so I can start that expansions questline.
  2. MP.COOP

    I'd like to join y'all sometime been following this game for awhile!
  3. Count to 1,000

  4. Justice Singing Britney

    Need some recordings posted!
  5. Introduction

    Welcome to the community bro. I play a wide range of games so anytime you want to game just hit me up on the forums or discord and i'll more than happily play anything bro.
  6. PalmUp - Introduction!

    Hey Palm welcome to the community! It's great to see people coming out of their comfort zones to try something new. Maybe we can link on on discord sometime and play some PUBG or something. If you have any questions few free to message me at any time! I've been around for a few years here.
  7. Hi from Daniel

    What realm do you play on in WoW?
  8. Hi from Daniel

    Hey whats up Daniel?! Welcome to the community and I hope you're enjoying your stay! Maybe we can play some h1z1 sometime.
  9. I'm back.

    Haha funny, once you grow up a little you'll understand there's a lot more in life. Then you'll have responsibilities and be working 6-7 days a week. I was an operator in the chemical plants!
  10. I'm back.

    Hey whats up guys? Just informing everyone i'm back! I finally quit my job in the plants and i'll be going back to school to get my EMT-B and Fire Fighter cert so i can finally be paid to be a fire fighter instead of just a volunteer firefighter. Hello everyone from the old days! Hello everyone from the new days!
  11. Okay so with the game coming out soon that means the increase of inexperience players who don't know whats going on when some of us have been playing for awhile could interfere with the game play along with the strategies it takes to win matches.  With that being said I decided to write yup a quick tactic guide on simple things you should follow to get the greatest experience in the game without making others mad.   1. Communication.     Communication in this game is very important and if you don't have a mic I'm sorry to break it to you but you will not be a good asset to the squad for obvious reason. Squad breaks down tactic communication into three separate radio channels; Squad VoIP, Local VoIP and Squad Leader VoIP.  Local VoIP should be you're main channel you're talking on to communicate to fellow soldiers around you. Squad VoIP should be kept as clear as possible so that the SL (Squad Leader) can continuously give out objectives they'd like their squad to perform and soldiers can give call outs of enemy locations. Squad Leader VoIP is used by SL only to communicate with the other SL on their current team. 2. Teamwork.     If anyone has followed Squad they know it is a very teamwork based game and there is no way you can win without following your SL orders and know how to work as a team. Your best bet is to never lone wolf, stay partnered up with at least one person and stay next to them always unless told otherwise by SL. Medics shouldn't be stuck alone reviving someone without some either providing suppression fire or standing by guarding them.   3. Situational Awareness.     This is where communication and teamwork come into effect. If moving as a squad everyone should be looking out in all direction along with you calling out any enemy movement you see via Squad VoIP. There is absolutely no reason for everyone covering and watching the North with someone not watching the South, East or West. Cover all the way around at all times.    4. Discipline.     Unless authorized by your SL please do NOT open fire on enemies you see. You run the risk of blowing your location and you never know if that one enemy running has a whole squad following behind them. Be patient, call it out, and wait for SL command to fire. Its better safe than sorry because the SL may have plans to attack a enemy AO without warning them y'all are coming.   5. Know your role in the Squad.     Squad has different roles to choose from before spawning and its basically common sense what you should be doing. If you're a Squad Leader you're leading the squad, planning attacks, making last minute decisions, and laying down all spawn points for your squad. If you're a Squad Leader or Medic you shouldn't be in the front of the group being a rifleman, if the Squad Leader dies that means no more spawn points until they can make their way back, if a medic dies that means no one gets healed/revived. Stay in the rear and do your job. Same with scout, you should be proving over watch from a far picking off enemies and calling them out.        If you follow these simple things you can become a great asset to the Squad and really effect the outcome of a game. Don't be afraid to Squad Lead, you have to learn some day just make sure you let your squad know you have never done it before and most guys in the game will understand and assist you. If it becomes to overwhelming just pass off Squad Lead to a more experience players and listen/watch to what they're doing.   Good Luck guys hope to see you on the battle field soon, Erick.
  12. Squad Steam Group

    http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ADKsquad   @[member='Nova'] do you mind adding that to my topic. Thanks.

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