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  1. New job!!!

    Just remember, no fraternizing with the boss.  ;)
  2. Just gonna leave this here...

    So maybe I am just weird myself but I like the total randomness of some of them. I especially like the one with Bjork #14 I think. Partially because I am bald myself and I have to give credit where it is due. Not a lot of women can pull it off.   I didnt so much like #2. The giant, crazy, people eating black woman made no sence to me and the video would have been better if it was just the dancing without the crazy woman and the pumped up white girl booties.

    I have two tattoos, and I want more. Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn't want me to get anymore. He says my skin is so fair that's I ruined it in the spots where I have tats. Personally I like them though. I think it is a generation thing. My mother cried when she found out I had gotten a tat
  4. O-lo!

    @ kittencorn welcome! It was nice to meet you yesterday. BTW the is a reason I like big dogs... They can't sit on my mouse pad.
  5. Shout out request to Warcry

    I can totally see him getting everyone put in jail. Himself included... Silly warcry.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

  7. Shout out request to Warcry

    Ok so I was requested by Bigneck... I mean Warneck... I mean warcry5070 to inflate his ego by saying how awesome he is.   So here it goes... *in sarcastic, monotone, robot voice*  "Warcry is awesome. He is the coolest"    But I am sorry warcry, no one can be as awesome as I am because I am definitely the coolest and the awesomest.... And you are second to Purgatorio because well for obvious reasons. You do however play a mean 12 string guitar. So you have cool points there.    So this post is for anyone who wants to post a comment on anything about Warcry. Embarrassing stories encouraged.  :D
  8. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

      @[member='Zsadist'] Umm.... how about we don't.... I like my skin the way it is.
  9. TeiKallistei

    @[member='Sikosis999'] he spends most of his time there anyways.
  10. TeiKallistei

    Thank you very much for the warm welcomes.
  11. Purgatorio77 - a user's guide

    I felt I needed to drop onto your intro since you dropped in on mine ;)
  12. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    Definitely not. I know for a fact there are two new peeps from Texas that just joined adk, myself included.
  13. TeiKallistei

    Hello there,   I am TeiKallistei (tay kallistay). Call me Tei if you like.    I am 25 y/o from the Dallas-ish area, and followed my sig. other (Purgatorio77) over here to ADK so we could play together online.   I served 6 years in the Army National Guard, and have a degree in Victim Studies. I currently am a security supervisor with a private security company but I will hopefully start my Masters in Social Work soon so I can move on to bigger and better things. I have no social life, mainly because its hard to find other girls with similar interests to myself so I game when Purg is working.   Incase anyone was wondering (not that I care, I am going to explain anyways because I really love Greek Mythology), Eris, Goddess of Discord, wrote "Tei Kallistei" (to the fairest) on an apple and threw it into the wedding reception that she didn't get invited to and started a competition that caused the trojan war. Yeah, I am kind of an instigator, but in a fun way I promise.     **On a side note to AirOfLightWitch: GIRL POWER!!!**   :D    

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