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  1. i have a 308 and a 243 for hunting i want  a 12 gag shotgun and a trypod for my rifle  do any of you guys hunt
  2. adk

    this is truly the best gaming clan out there i hope i make it in i love this clan would love to meet some of the people in this clan but no one lives in idaho
  3. hey i am rejoining

    hey i am rejoining the adk i do hunt in the winter and shoot guns i 4 wheel and got a six inch lift on my truck and i fish
  4. the hobbit of the five armies

    this was a great move it was sad at the end of the move but good
  5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    have you seen the dawn of the apes
  6. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    the move was alright was not the best but it was good
  7. the silmarillion

  8. the silmarillion

  9. the silmarillion

    the silmarillion is the bible of middle earth it talk adout the valar and the first dark lord and how the world was made
  10. tolkien

    hey some of you might not know me but i am a hugh tolkien fan i have 6 books and for soundtracks 5 moves
  11. hey i am razer

    hey i am a tolkien fan i play dayz  i play lord of the ring online i play minecraft  i shhot guns i 4 wheel i hunt and fish

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