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  1. NODE WARS: Fort is going up!

    Great fun at the Node war, we ultimately lost but we kicked ass When we saw the numbers against us I thought we were gonna get curb-stomped. Instead we not only held our own but destroyed one of the other guilds every time they pushed us. The guild that won got in touch and said they couldn't have without ADK doing so much damage and drawing all the fire. Fantastic work from everyone that was there!
  2. Elite Dangerous Section Closing

    Flying with you all at ADK has been a blast Remember that just because the section is closing it doesn't mean we can't still fly together in the future. Huge thanks to everyone for being a part of ADK's Elite section, Hope to see you all online soon
  3. Relic/Book Scroll times

    Got 5x Relic, 1x Book. If we can get a group together on Sat or Sun that would work well with others availability. Maybe after Sat scroll?
  4. Family Name and Style of play

    I am the caffeinated Ranger KafF; jumping around, throwing bombs, barely standing still long enough to fire my bow... I'm trying to find a source of coffee but all I can find is tea. The Black Spirit teases me and won't spill the beans on where to find coffee.   I'm joined by my family members in a world-wide quest for delicious caffeine based beverages, though they only hang around Heidel & Velia so far. They too understand the need for coffee & will travel the world in search of it. One day we will corner the market & control the spice. I mean coffee... yeah.
  5. From the FD forums, link: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=235126      
  6. Link to forums: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=226764&page=110       Copypasta: by Cmdr Ant Solo via Reddit Hello Commanders! At the risk of adding more fuel to the fire I'd like to make a few things clear about our standpoint: Any changes we might make would not be to punish PVP players or PVE players. They would be to improve consequence for player choices, which I think sometimes gets a little lost in the heat of the debate. In Open play, any sort of behaviour is technically allowed (bar hacking or using known exploits). What is potentially missing is appropriate consequence for some actions. For example, pirating a ship and stealing some amount of cargo in a policed jurisdiction is reasonable - you are committing crimes which you might have to pay for. Pirating in anarchy is also fine, including destroying the target ship in the process - the victim should understand the risk of flying outside of legal jurisdictions. Frankly, none of the above is particularly about player versus player or lack thereof. It's about plausible and consistent game rules. Now let's take another example: the hypothetical Commander "greifconda" slaughtering the hypothetical Commander "newbwinder" with maniacal glee. The first thing to note is: as an event, it's acceptable within the rules of the game. The rub is that some folk (myself included, for what it's worth) feel that the consequences of such actions are not commensurate with the act committed. So whilst I want to defend the right of "griefconda" to exist, I want to make sure that there are meaningful responses in the game world to their actions. This is why we're looking at some kind of Pilot's Federation reputation, with some bite (locking off access to starports, increasing insurance costs). It's why we're also looking to enhance the differential between low and high security systems, reducing response times significantly and increasing the strength of authority ships significantly in high security systems (hopefully this should also reduce the cases of lone Eagle authority vessels interdicting powerful player criminals) and looking to get interstellar bounties in (hey, no confirmed guarantee or ETA!) On a slight tangent, I wonder what folk make of this idea: When committing the murder crime, the insurance re-buy insurance premium of the murderer's vessel is added onto the eventual fine, the idea being to remove the benefits of changing to a cheap vessel then allowing the bounty to be claimed? then: I'm not sure I was clear enough. The idea would be that if I murder you in a ship that has a re-buy cost of 1m CR and get a 6k CR bounty, When I re-spawn at a location in the jurisdiction that the crime was committed in I have to pay 6K plus 1m CR, regardless of what ship I actually died in. This additional cost would only be added to the fine, not to the bounty, so my friends could only claim a 6K bounty for killing me. The reason I would prefer not to use the victim's insurance premium as an additional fine is because A) this would be trivial when murdering small ships and B) I don't have a problem with small ships attacking bigger ships. Hello Commander Lightspeed! Yes, a very important part of any update we do that would introduce these measures would be to have escalation, both in punishments and in preventative system security. Then: A few more points. Some folk are super rich in CR terms. But not everyone, not by a long shot. I think that cost of having to pay re-buy costs for powerful ships regardless of what ship you died in has more teeth that people might give it credit for, especially as an ongoing effect. Interstellar bounties could have a fairly dramatic affect on the way that folk think about crimes - having bounties (and any additional costs like the one's we're discussing here) follow you over all of Imperial space might make some folk think twice, or at least provide some interesting game challenges for them. Of course, interstellar bounties don't have any jurisdictional power in independent space though. On the point of it being easy to avoid paying fines - this is indeed a tricky one, not least because I really don't want to disincentive criminal activity too much. Hello Commander Robert Maynard! Double jeopardy with ship re-buy - because this additional penalty is there to serve as a form of justice, we would not apply the cost if the bad guy stuck to their guns and kept the same ship. You might think of this as rewarding behaviour that we approve of. Basically, if you stick to your ship, you don't incur the extra cost. But if you try to game the system, you end up paying more. Then: What you describe in your edit sounds very much like what interstellar bounties are: if you get an Imperial bounty on your head, re-spawning at any Imperial system will impose the fine. I'm not currently a fan of net worth fines. There are several instances where players are incentivised to commit murder (Powerplay, missions etc.); I don't want to make the punishments too harsh. And in the case of the billionaire seal clubbers, they would end up being more appropriately punished by increased insurance premiums overall, regardless of where they re-spawned, along with increasing pariah status in secure systems, because we would be checking for undesirable behaviour (ship power and combat rank differential between attacker and victim). So I think (assuming we did choose to execute on this) that you should get pretty much what you want. EDIT: then: Yeah, I'd just like to add: making changes of any sort is non-trivial. We'd love to be able to iterate constantly, but the reality is that the game is incredibly complex as are the various (sometimes conflicting) needs of the user base. However, that isn't going to stop us from always looking to improve the game as we move forward, it just means that sometimes things take longer than you might first imagine. EDIT 2: Combat logging would probably be part of the same system: undesirable behaviour, monitored by aggregate data analysis, leading to punitive measures over time. No escape for the wicked. EDIT 3 Hopefully I've given you folk some things to chew over, but unfortunately I have to frame shift to my home system now. Remember, at the moment this is all hypothetical, as I've said, even the smallest changes have a very large lead time, and there are lots of other happenings in development land. So for now, take a moment or two to digest my various posts, and feel free to carry on the (very civil, of course) debate!
  7. From the Forums/Reddit:     Here's the dev Q&A, for those who can't access the forum: Question - will I be able to obtain missions from a Minor Faction I am unfriendly with easier than I can now. You should be able to, but as they don't like you they won't be particularly lucrative. Will 1.6/2.1 include any new USS encounters or new missions? Yes on both counts. I'm also curious about these USS changes and if a scanner will be compulsory for mission running, or will the mission-giver tell us if any specific equipment is needed? You can find them by blind searching, but it's not recommended. We expect you to use a discovery scanner or interface with the local nav beacon. does this mean when I scan the nav beacon I get a complete scan of the whole system with all the data I would get when I as of now would scan every body with a Detail Surface Scanner? And can I then sell that data? You'll get all the data from the system, but you won't be able to sell it. Micheal, do have to really get out of sc and literally scan the nav beacon? Yes, you have to scan them in normal space. Are there any plans for an Orrery System Map which can be tied into the mission system? I would love to get the Orrery View in there, but it's not in the immediate schedule. Will it apply just to USS ? or all types of signal SSS,USS,WSS,Salvagable wreackage & Distress call... It applies to all of them.
  8. From the latest Dev Update, here: https://community.elitedangerous.com/node/388       From the desk of Executive Producer, Michael Brookes   "Hi everyone,   This week’s dev update is the penultimate update on the changes to missions coming in the (2.1) release - The Engineers. The topic I’ll cover is the variety goal and next week I’ll cover the final goals of consequences and rewards.   Variety at its most simplistic is making sure that more missions (and variants) are available, but beyond that tweaking them to make them more accessible and having a better sense of predictability, so if you’re looking for a particular type of mission then you can determine the best places to find them.   We’re tackling variety with a host of changes – the first is ensuring that more missions are available at the neutral reputation stage. Developing your reputation will reveal more missions, but more importantly – more valuable missions. We’re also removing the rank requirement for missions. The rank will now be an indication of difficulty (and by association, rewards) and generally will generated around your relevant Pilots Federation rank. You can take on more difficult missions to try and grasp some big rewards, but there is a risk in doing so.   Missions will be generated by stricter criteria so that the majority of missions offered will make sense in the location that are offered. A three stage hierarchy will govern how the missions are created.   First by the state of the minor faction, so if they are in famine, or at war, or any other state missions to address that state are generated.   Secondly, the type of market for the port, so that they match the economic activity for that market. An obvious example is creating mining missions from extraction economies.   The third stage is determined by the government type and this reflects the character of the minor factions and the types of operation that they indulge in. For example dictatorships are more likely to indulge in overt assassinations and so send a visible message, while democracies will conduct their wet work through covert operations.   Within the offered mission there will be a description for why that mission has been generated and what effect it will have for the minor faction. This clearer communication of the interaction with the galactic simulation will make it easier for you to pick the relevant missions for your goals.   We’re also looking to reduce the barrier of inconvenience for some of the mission elements – my favourite here is not having to drop out of supercruise to listen to alternate offers. The time limits for missions as well as which elements make them easier, or more difficult are being reviewed and addressed.   Another exciting change is how missions and USSs interact with each other. USSs for missions will now generally be located at specific bodies within a system which have can be located using a discovery scanner, although the usual ranges apply. If the system has a nav beacon then these can now be scanned and the scan will reveal these mission locations as well as providing any exploration data for that system.   In conjunction with these changes the general distribution and generation of USSs is also being updated. There are now concepts of different parts of space within a system, like traffic lanes and hubs and different contents can be generated at each. They are also created spatially rather than by time range so you can no longer just sit and wait for one to appear, you will need to look for it.   One other significant change for USSs is that they can be scanned to reveal more information about them without having to drop out of supercruise.   There’s still a ton of details for changes of other aspects of the game coming after next week’s look at mission consequences and rewards.   Thanks,   Michael."    
  9. Patch 2.0.06 out

    Link: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=232819 Might need a Launcher update too.   General Changes - OSX: Fix OSX users not being able to save bindings - Stop excessive wheel damage causing an insta-kill on the SRV - Fix for an error in Ship Landing Sensors - If a POI spawner gets replicated to us and we are on a platform that does not support it, then put it into an invalid state which will cause it to do nothing - Fix for data link scanner not scanning when the option 'Firing deploys hardpoints' is disabled - i Sola Prospect in the Brestla star system now always stocks all ships and modules - Never display the online/offline status of members of large private groups - Fix the level of demand shown in Commodity Markets when the stock level reaches 0 - Various server performance and reliability improvements   Close Quarters Combat - Fix an error on the server when a Deathmatch game starts - Fix the splash at the end of a game showing incorrect results - Fix the team balancing to account for player rank correctly - Fix a server error for when a player joins shortly after the lobby enters the initialising state - Make sure we don't mark a CQC game as about to end when its in the loading state - Adjusted how teams are set up in CQC games so make them more balanced - If someone joins a CQC match when the current game has less than 1 minute left, then have them wait on the lobby screen for the next match instead of joining a game about to end - Hold on to CQC spawn points for longer to avoid spawning on top of a ship - Lowered the min damage threshold for getting an assist on a player in CQC - Remove the first blood bonus from capture the flag mode - Remove the highest score bonus from free-for-all games as the highest score will be the winner, so they ended up double dipping for XP when winning - When you accept a pending CQC invite, then decline any other invite you have - Fix CQC Loadouts not always being saved   Translations - Updated translations for some languages.   Server Side Changes - Fixed some missing Powerplay system effects - Updated galactic mean commodity prices
  10. Food for Truckers: Reloaded

    Gonna repost my recipe from the old thread :D   This recipe was handed down to me from my father, who got it from some Americans who claimed it came from a notorious outlaw named Dangerous Dan McGrew (or something like that). Since I spend a lot of time playing Elite it seemed appropriate.     Beans McGrew   Ingredients:   Red Kidney Beans Bacon Onions Tomatoes Salt & pepper Paprika Mustard Worcestershire sauce Tabasco or chilli's if you want   You'll need the main ingredients in a 1:1:1:1 ratio - eg 1 kilo beans, 1 kilo bacon, etc and add as much of the spices as you like. Start by frying up those onions until soft then put them aside. Chop the bacon into small bits and fry those up too. Once done add everything to a big pot and stick it in the oven at about 180C/350F. Stir it every hour. It's done when the consistency looks like refried beans.   Tastes great and keeps you warm at night. Serve on some toast for breakfast if you need some gas power to get you through the day.   Enjoy!
  11. Yep the Clipper in rank-locked (Baron rank). So in order to get it you'll need to do missions for Imperial factions and then the Naval rank missions too.   You don't need to sign up for a Imperial Powerplay faction though.   Bear in mind that simply doing missions doesn't really count as joining the Empire, lots of Fed pilots are grinding Imp Ranks to get the Cutter right now.
  12. Dev Update - more Huge weapons in 2.1

    @[member='Diettinger'] @[member='Malkravon']   Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the new Huge weapons will be Fixed only. Michael clarified in the forum comments that Gimbals might come later, but the 2.1 release will just have Fixed.     Link: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=231826&page=4&p=3556350&viewfull=1#post3556350
  13. Meant to post this earlier, but the latest dev update gave us some info on new Huge sized weapons coming in the next patch. The full update is here: https://community.elitedangerous.com/node/385   It goes over some of the upcoming changes to the Bulletin Board system, but the meat on the new weapons is:     Also check out the newsletter, there's a sneak-peak of the concept art for the Multi's. Link :http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=dcbf6b86b4b0c7d1c21b73b1e&id=6ff6129a36        
  14. Wednesday Night Saktsak Influence Night

    Awesome work today guys! Hope everyone had fun  :D     Let's do it again next week, and see if we can get a crew going for the Saturday too  :lol:
  15. Kind of lost.

    Come join us on Teamspeak, there's a bunch of people on right now.   ADK is based out of Saktsak, if you head there some of the guys are bounty hunting.

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