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    Archery, books, cosplay, anime, manga,killing things in video games, I specially enjoy killing internet dragons.

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    Radeon 6860 overclocked water cooled
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  1. Civilization VI Giveaway!

    #1 August 2, my birthday. #2 January 01, for new beginnings # April 30, children's day in Mexico
  2. Insanemave is thy name!

    Welcome to the community Mave and may the force be with you.
  3. Call me gaz.

    Hello Gaz, welcome to the community.
  4. Hello! My name is Jennifer

    Welcome Jenipaw, after 6 years of wow I quit for good 2 months ago, long live WOW. Now I play my other games, SC2, DOTA2, Elite Dangerous, and some others.
  5. I want revenge and I can't get it >.<

    Combat log is something that must be addressed by developers, also it is nice that you were able to get your sweet, sweet revenge :)
  6. I want revenge and I can't get it >.<

    I do feel better thank you , if anything this should make me a better player, I will be more aware of the radar and players around, I will never again trust idle players around a wanted ship.
  7. I was doing the community goal at LTT 9810, then I notice a Cobra  player without shields, I ignored him and went to do my bounty hunting,  but about 5 minutes later I found an Anaconda wanted, my shields were low but still not a problem for my FDL to kill ana Anaconda, so I started fighting, I got the Anaconda Shields down whent all of the sudden my shields dropped too, well the asshole Cobra player decided to attack me when I was attacking the Anaconda, now I have an Anaconda and a Cobra player after me, I tried to run but it was not possible, I died. What pisses me off is not the fact that I died but the fact that I don't remember the name of that player so I can get my revenge, rant over, sorry I had to vent.
  8. The best combat ship for you

    My Favorite for combat: 1: Vulture,  2 FDL 3 Viper I have made over 90 million from combat alone, killed over 10k ships, and about 75% of that was done in my Viper, currently gridding myself into the top 5% for the Bounty hunter community goal at LTT 9810.
  9. LOTR of GoT?

    As  LOTR fan, I say GoT. I have read all 5 books from Tolkien, the Hobbit is my favorite, the Silmarillion was an eye opening experience to the world of Tolkien and a fun read, but I still prefer a Song of Ice a fire series aka GoT.
  10. Help support us on Reddit

    Done and done. Also my Reddit username is the same as the one here in the community, no stalking please :D
  11. How this idiot lost 70 million credits >><

    Oh I not always play like that, after that experience I have been playing it safe, after I lost the FDL I bought a Viper and went to grind solo credits at Lugh, fortunately I was already on the top %5 so I made some good credits back, I'm still far away from another FDL until then I will be playing it safe >.<
  12. How this idiot lost 70 million credits >><

    When it comes to games, high risk produces a pleasant high reward, but that is just my opinion.
  13. Starcraft 2 anyone?

    Diamond player here, sadly I have not played in like 3 months, I have been dedicating my gaming time to other games, I think I'll wait for the new expansion to start playing again, I hope I get Alpha invite :D 
  14. Story time. I enjoy playing Elite Dangerous hard core, what is hard core?, well I will spend my credits in the best ship my credits can buy and then go around killing things without enough money for insurance... nobody should ever do that unless, you want the greatest adrenaline rush a game can offer,  barely survived back in the day of my ASP without enough for insurance, made it back to the station at 13% I barely survived another time in my Vulture, but then... I fighting for the Federation at Lugh 11 next to the Capital ship, but then some how my turrets hit the capital ship one too many times, and boom every single ship in the are turned red, including the capital ship I tried to run and engage supper cruise, but my attempts were futile. After this experience I was very disappointed of myself, how the hell did I lost my shiny new FDL?, oh well the good thing is that I still had my Vulture, and since I was already in the top 5% of the contributions, I just got 20 million credits, now I'm grinding credits again to buy my second FDL, and this time I probably will not be more careful because I just want to have fun, and I like to be in danger, wish me luck or call me out for my poor choices, either way works :)
  15. California?

    I also live in CAlifornia, but sadly I do not have an arsenal in preparation for the real zombie invasion, but I do have a pink compound bow and lots of arrows, that means unlimited ammo :)

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