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    8GB PC2 6400
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    500gb 7200rpm bla bla
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    Sennheiser Headphones, CAD GXL-2200 Condenser Microphone, CAD mini sound mixer, and usb audio interface
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    Some 24" Dell I got, also a 32" Emerson TV
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    Some Mid-tower ATX cheap thing
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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate (blue), Razer Deathadder mouse, Razer Tartarus gamepad, Logitech Driving Force Pro Wheel+Pedals, Logitech 3D Force Pro Joystick
  1. I made the following post on Reddit, but copied it to here as well so you guys wouldn't have to hop over there to see it.   So I'm on my lunch break at work, and as I usually spend most of my lunches looking up ED stuff on reddit and/or my group's private forum, an idea just came to me, literally about 2 minutes ago. Of course it isn't well thought out. If this was to be implemented in any way in the game, it would need a lot of development, polishing, and refinement.   But anyways, here goes: Frame Shift Drive Tethering:     -Purpose: Gives stranded (out of fuel or too damaged) vessels a last ditch for hope, in that it would allow a more massive      ship (by a certain margin) that is also equipped with a Frame Shift Drive Interdictor (or a new part, which would basically      be the opposite of an interdictor.) to pull the smaller ship along with it, in effect, allowing it to "tow" the stranded vessel      to a starport for refueling and repairs.   I also thought that it would be good to include a new hull property that is on toggle: Polarization. A tether would also have its own toggleable polarization- so.. When a smaller ships hull is NOT polarized, a tether polarized either positive or negative can lock onto it. If the smaller ship turns on polarization, a tether may only lock with the smaller ship if the tether is using the OPPOSITE polarization (remember, opposites attract.) This would enable say, smaller ships who don't WANT a tow, who might be preyed upon by pirates with tethering capability, to reverse their hull polarity and break free.   Like I said - I know this is a rough idea, and may not even be a good idea, but it's an idea nonetheless. I welcome all constructive criticism, even disagreement. Please just be civil.  
  2. Well about the doctor.. I have to go every month. It's to a point where I don't feel like my Doctor really cares, and just tells me I'm already at max doseage on the anxiety meds and ADD meds. Most of what she prescribes me are things that my insurance doesnt cover well enough to afford I even brought in my formulary one time for her to look at and she wouldn't even bother. I am absolutely dreading looking for a new doctor because I have a bad feeling that I'll just run into the same problem, or even worse.
  3. Please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong section... I don't know who I'm supposed to talk to about this, and I feel that submitting a complaint is too strong of an action to take.   After some things happened in teamspeak today, I think I need to explain why I do some of the things the way I do, so that people don't get offended or short with me.   1- Health issues:     ADHD(ADD), Chronic Fatigue, Depression, and Social Anxiety.     I'm on medication that helps all of these to some extent except for depression. I work as often as my employer allows me to because I need the money, and unfortunately, my medication usually only lasts barely long enough (if even that) for me to get through a work day. That being said, I really do not feel well at all most days when I get home from work. My brain gets all fogged up and scatterbrained, I can't focus, I forget what I'm doing, and combined which the chronic fatigue which includes pain, I can be rather sensitive, as well as generally frustrated. This also means that when it may be easy for most folks to do certain things regarding setting up things/configuring them, or looking for something in game, or explaining something to someone, it can be quite difficult at times for me. Therefore, I have to prioritize and do things when I feel I am at my best to deal with any particular task.   2- Volume settings and teamspeak problems     Sometimes, if I have to change a bunch of things around regarding hardware/software, my volume settings can get out of whack to where the game is fine, but voice attack is too loud to hear teamspeak. This might make certain people very hard to understand, and I can try to fix it as quickly as I can, but I am getting the feeling based on my recent experience in teamspeak that I am being regarded as stupid, unflexible, unappreciative, and unwilling to contribute. I have even heard sounds of disgust when I have done my absolute best to understand what is going on and contribute as best I can.   If someone who has to deal with these problems is just not wanted in the group, then please just let me know. At this point, I'm afraid to even log back into TS for fear of being confronted by someone in particular, because I really can't handle the extra stress right now. I play ED to help me get a break from stress... And right now I am not getting that effect from it.
  4. why it takes forever to get anything in this game?

    I'll use an analogy here for my sentiments for the steep learning curve and "grindiness" of ED gameplay:   A meal tastes a whole lot better when your own hard work went into making it.
  5. Vulture Lineart

    Nah the 2 hour one was started after I got home from work, lol. Thank you though!
  6. Vulture Lineart

    So, my profile pic is a quick go at Vulture Lineart that I did on lunch break at work. The one below, I just finished- took a bit over 2 hours.    
  7. How this idiot lost 70 million credits >><

    Aria, your gaming philosophy reminds me of this:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4ntgbTWwco
  8. Fanally got my next Federal Navy progression

    I've found that NPC Fed Dropships haven't been hard for me to take down in rank progression missions. I was either flying a cobra or vulture for both, and neither of those ships was even outfitted as well as my Cobra is now. I was rather surprised at the lack of difficulty.
  9. Quite a diverse bunch in the ED category of channels on Teamspeak. I gotta say, these guys sure know how to give boredom a swift kick in the gluteus maximus.. Good to see a new recruit, and look foward to seeing you in TS and in game! o7
  10. Equality for lugh.

    I'm really interested in seeing what this "assaults on outposts" business is when I get home from work this evening. I just hope I'm able to make quick business of my 25 mile drive home in my 3 cylinder 1.0 liter Smart car,  in 5pm Saturday traffic on 2 different interstate highways...   For some reason it's always quicker to get to work than it is to go home O.o.   I know last Saturday, I was stressed as all get out trying to get home and have time to get settled before playing, cause I ended working an hour late OFF the clock...   Anyway- if there seems to be another windfall of money from another event, it might be time for me to get a Vulture again, and this time- outfit it CORRECTLY, now that I can afford it.
  11. I logged in as soon as I woke up. ::jawdrop:: I know this still isn't much money compared to what other people have, however- every moment of our lives spent comparing ourselves to someone else, is a moment spent unhappy.   Thanks to sound advice from Grizz, Book, Chaos, Kaffiend, Kecin, Kman, Serenity, and many others, I stuck it out and did whatever it took to get to top 15% until I just couldn't stay up any longer. Surprisingly, this was about 10pm EST, which is a lot earlier than most nights.   Before I began working toward the community goal, I entered Lugh with a mostly outfitted cobra, and about 5 million credits. The next night, a good chunk of that 5 mill went to a Type 6 and appropriate internals for high jump range trading, so part of that 5 million was used up.   Also, my Combat Rank was Novice, which I seemed to be stuck at for what seemed like FOREVER.   Not quite sure what I'm going to do now that the event is over, and my pockets are nicely padded. I know one thing. I'm not selling any ships!   Here's a screenshot of my current stats after all the benefits of grinding in Lugh (layer effects added for emphasis)    
  12. Login was about 3 hours later than usual. Bad timing on roommates, and deciding to eat dinner as soon as I got home, and just trying to unwind so I'd have a good mindset before getting into Elite Dangerous ate a great deal of my time.   I also took some time to update the Nvidia GeForce Experience Game Ready Drivers and switch to "optimized" settings for ED. I also did some research on ED sound stuttering and found out that I had apparently forgotten to change the power settings for my processor in windows. Minimum processor state was default to 4%. I cranked that sucker up to 100. This *mostly* fixed my sound stuttering. Now, it only occurs in the most populus times of HICZ gameplay. It used to occur when just going through a mail slot. Didn't take much at all to cause the problem.   I logged in after patching, and "HOLY CREP." Everything just looked amazing... at 1360x768 on my 32" Emerson TV.. I didn't have any idea that my old rig could render out ED so well on what is now considered a potato-resolution tv.   That being said, it seemed that any existing wings were full when I logged in, so I decided to jump into solo and check out the Lugh 11c HICZ. I'm quite convinced that I easily made more money doing this CZ in solo than I do when I play with wings members. However, playing with friends is definitely more important to me than making money. If switching to solo is the ONLY reason I make more money out of something, then I will forfeit the extra money. Friendship and community is what I need in my life right now.   In attempting to outfit the Cobra III for different types of combat, something occurred to me. In the past, I had been running 2 medium gimballed multicannons, and 2 small gimballed beam lasers for RES bounty hunting. My original intent was to have it even, so it'd be 1 medium MC, 1 Medium BL. 1 Small MC, 1 Small BL.  I implemented the new setup, and then I realized I should configure my firegroups differently.   In the past, I've always put all my weapons on Primary Fire, Fire Group 1. I'd have a KWS on secondary fire, and if a discovery scanner was equipped, I'd have it on primary fire, fire group 2.   So last night, I changed it up. Multicannons went to Secondary Fire, Fire Group 1. Beam Lasers went to Secondary Fire, Fire Group 1. This way, I can have full weapon power only going to energy weapons when I need enemies shield's to pop. Then, I can just use another trigger for my MC's when I don't need thermal damage. This also gives the beam lasers time to recharge so they are ready and waiting for me if I feel like I need to really bring the last few percent down on an Anaconda, and I can fire everything at one time.   I later reconfigured hardpoints for HICZ gameplay. All pulse lasers. I put the mediums on primary, small on secondary. I found I was able to fire consistently for MUCH longer before thermal overload.   Back to work, now!
  13. Last night started with life issues and ED issues multiplying each other to the point that I sort of just lost it for awhile. I logged out and posted here, and sat back in my chair and waited. It wasn't long before several helpful members of our ADK-ED community popped into OC2 (where I typically sit if I'm feeling a bit too overwhelmed for heavy social contact, but still want to be available on TS if I'm needed.)   As I'm all about giving credit where credit is due, and trust me.. If I was a wealthy man I'd be shelling cash out in thanks- I want to publicly thank and recognize those who seemed to bend over backwards to get me back on track last night.   First, I must thank those that have replied to my posts so far here on the forums. Even if I did not end up implementing your advice and/or strategy, you have still shown me that there are different angles to approach a problem. More than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. What doesn't work for me now may work in the future.   Secondly, although I'm at work right now and my memory on the details is a little hazy, a few of those who helped me with advice on TS last night include Grizz, Chaos, Book, and I'm sure there were others that my faulty memory is just blanking out. I can be very scatterbrained.   I heard a lot of new voices in OC1 last night. It seems the community is larger than I thought, which is a very comforting thought.   After I was guided toward liquidating my T7 and falling back to a cobra, which I could fully outfit to best specs and still have a large cushion for rebuy and perhaps a supplemental T6 to keep docked when the trading bug hits me, I headed to Lugh 11 where several groups of our ADK ED members were contributing to the community goal. I received even more help by means of advice and guidance on how to start and contribute to a CG, and some problems I had deciphering the interface, as it was new to me. I also got extra help regarding weapons loadout especially for High Intensity Conflict Zones.   I pocketed about 1 million credits in my few hours in that conflict zone last night. With tonight's bounties, it will definitely cover my credit loss incurred by selling the T7. I'm already in the top 70% in contributions, so if I keep it up and at least hold there, I'll have a nice payoff when the event is done.   Last night was also the first night that I've had a full canopy breach without having my ship destroyed. I got too cocky and kept my nose pointed at the nose of an Anaconda for too long. Thankfully, the A rank life support module gave me ample oxygen. The sound effects were great, and the "Atmosphere Restored" visual+verbal alert upon crossing the mail slot added to the experience.   I'd like to end this post by clarifying a few things. This isn't to complain or ask for help, or attention, it's just a heads up on why I might eh.. Act a certain way sometimes.  To make a long story short, life is just very difficult for me lately. I'm sure there are others of you who feel the same way. I'm easily stressed out, and I'm really not very good at hiding as much of the stress and irritability as I feel like I need to. I bottle 99% of these things up, and sometimes while I'm on TS, the general stress and tiredness just involuntarily vents. I usually try to mitigate this by switching channels so I don't take these problems out on a wonderful community who did nothing to deserve such an outburst. Sometimes though, I slip, and let some anger slip through on mic. I'm not justifying these actions. I realize that they are not acceptable, and I need to learn how to behave in an adequate way despite whatever is bothering me.   Afterall, you are all a great community, and the least I can do for all you've helped me enjoy is to pay back the goodwill, friendship, and fun - in kind.   I gotta get back to work now. Vaper One out.  

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