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  1. Member Picture Thread

    seriously I look too good in B&W   I could have posted these together but lol post count
  2. Member Picture Thread

    #nofilter was just really gray in my room
  3. I need something new

    Sailor Moon Crystal is good...
  4. ADK Server # 6 and 7 possible rules update.

    I think the no explosives rule is kind of dumb, it really keeps me from playing on any of those servers :/
  5. Anyone play SWTOR?

    I play on a pvp server sometimes with my friend :3   We are level like 15 or something atm

    I don't have any yet but I want a couple. I want one on my back and on my legs ^_^
  7. New job!!!

    @[member='AirOfLightWitch']   You get to live with them? That's pretty sweet deal
  8. Member Picture Thread

    @[member='Pepsi']   loool thanks
  9. Member Picture Thread

    xD you got me @[member='Pepsi']   I just wanted to feel pretty ;_;   Reals me:
  10. Member Picture Thread

    @[member='Pepsi']   ;_;
  11. Member Picture Thread

    helloooo ppl!! play with me lol
  12. nevessa says hi

    Hey I said I like drawing so I just wanted to share my last couple sketches :333
  13. nevessa says hi

    @[member='darkelf1'] @[member='SiIver'] @[member='Laith SJ']   Thanks everyone! =^..^=
  14. nevessa says hi

    Hey everyone!   I'm nevessa, a (mostly) friendly gamergirl who's been trolling you all in battlefield for a couple weeks now. I'm 25 so don't make me feel old lool   I figured I might as well start posting on the forums and shiz so I just wanna say hey to everyone and add me on origin if you haven't already! I am always down to game with a friend! My gamerthing is just nevessa    In my free time I like to read and draw and write and listen to boys call me pretty (in my head) ;D   Look forward to playing with everyone!   ~~nevessa

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