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  1. I am quitting battlefield 4 due to hackusations.

    I've been accused of hacking before with a 4K 13D. Not sure how that logic works, but hey... who am I to turn down that kind of compliment?
  2. Massive Hack

    I tried McAffe and it slowed my computer down. It also missed a lot of things. I had a virus on my computer and I didn't even know it. When I removed McAffe and installed Norton, Norton instantly found the virus and removed it. Avast missed things too. I can't trust software that misses things. And I will never understand why people hate Norton.
  3. Massive Hack

    Well... it worked didn't it?
  4. Massive Hack

    I uninstalled it last night. I'm currently redownoading the premium content.
  5. Massive Hack

    It was the strangest thing... Good to know you guys are looking into it though! Thank you :)
  6. Massive Hack

    I was just on the Metro No Explosives server. The game suddenly went super laggy. Someone started saying the server sucked and whatnot. I said "It must be a hacker or something. I play here all the time." Suddenly, my game crashed and my Norton antivirus popped up saying that it blocked a malicious attack from Battlefield 3.exe. Weirdest thing I've ever seen.   Edit: I also checked my internal game files. It shows that the game exe is called "bf3.exe", so whatever jumped on my computer must have been some kind of trojan or something named "Battlefield 3.exe" Has this ever happened before on the servers? Have hackers infected computers through the game before? I'm at a loss, and am afraid to join back to the server (at least for now). The last thing I need is a trojan.
  7. So as I was driving on the interstate, a large plastic grocery bag was just fluttering around above the road. This happens a lot everywhere and it's a normal thing. The plastic bag landed on the hood of my car and attached itself to my windshield wipers. It was blowing around like crazy and I couldn't see, so I ran my wipers and it detached. All of a sudden, a cop put on its siren and pulled me over.   He administered a $250 littering ticket. I told him the bag was highway trash that got stuck to my car. He said that because I used my wipers to remove it from my car and made it end up on the street, it was my responsibility. Therefore, I got a massive fine. Just wow.   Just try to avoid letting trash hit your car or you might be paying out the ass too.     In my opinion, the police should be enforcing laws to take care of criminals... like... the real ones. I think police money is misdirected and most of the police don't have the best mindset for their job.
  8. Feedback on Kraumer

    s0ck37, you literally had me laughing out loud.
  9. Feedback on Kraumer

    This is a dilemma lolol 
  10. no explosive server - auto kick malfunctioning

    Thanks for doing that. I'm glad someone takes action on this stuff. People who don't follow the rules seriously ruin the experience for everyone. Especially when they spend the whole round laughing about how much trouble they are causing.
  11. no explosive server - auto kick malfunctioning

    Too bad people like to test the plugin so much. I always hear explosions in there sadly. When they see it's auto-admin, they keep going, but when it works, it works. That's satisfying.
  12. Can't wait to play BF3 on Monday night. I finally have some time coming up!

  13. Some player abusing some glitch in metro...

    I really love this server, but I can't stand the auto-admin. As soon as trolls realize that it's not a real admin, they start nade-spamming and using the restricted guns. Bleh.
  14. What is it you do?

    I graduated highschool, the first in my family. Then I went to university, also a first. After that, I became a pharmaceutical manufacturing associate and am applying for graduate school. Not interesting but that's about it haha
  15. Hathcock dropping by


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