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  1. Metro Server Settings?

    Thanks it makes us look bad when we have contradicting info in game vs site.
  2. Metro Server Settings?

    It would also be great if the rules section was updated on this forum to reflect the bipod change as you have admins in game enforcing it yet the website saying it's not an issue except 1 location
  3. Still around

    Hello Everyone    I am still around just life has been keeping me busy. Sorry hope to play again soon    0phios
  4. follow the google link

    https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=a+long+time+ago+in+a+galaxy+far+far+away   or Want to see something cool Google a long time ago in a galaxy far far away
  5. Server Statuses

    Yes if you look most servers lost player base due to Starwars, Fallout 4, and a few other highly hyped games. as the novelty wears off of teh new games the base will come back and populations will normalize again
  6. Favorite Play style?

    Yeah that about sums up how i feel most days on my play style
  7. An Homage to DonB

    get yourself one of these http://www.amazon.com/Laser-Sighter-Boresighter-Cartridge-Sight/dp/B014FD474C   then sight it in 
  8. Was Battlefield 3 better than 4?

    Personally liked BF2 better 
  9. Poison Arrows on No Explosive Server

    the  poison arrows   have a place in the game mainly the night maps when the bow is at a great disadvantage with sights so you only need to get in the vicinity of where  you saw the flash  
  10. Laith Gun Master Event

    I am going to try been very busy the last few weeks

    The Event was a blast! :D
  12. Best DMR?

    m39 stubby grip heavy barrel target detector 
  13. Knifing Messages

    X sliced and diced time for y pie
  14. Summer Patch Coming Tomorrow!!

    Wonder if this will be in the patch as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBF7NmGuUDc
  15. Upcoming patch and the new maps

    well I will say playing zavod graveyard shift is outstanding    and from teh CTE   Tomorrow (8/29 approx 3PM PDT) we have a pretty massive release for you as we are back focusing on the next release (Fall Patch) – and the Community Map simultaneously!   Not sure if that means they are working on tehm simultaneously or if they plan to release them simultaneously   and also from the CTE latest weapon fixes Weapon Updates Fixed bad zeroing of CS5 supressor Fixed bad lock on behaviour of the PLD. Acceptance angle is now 4 from prev 15 Laser designations: increased locking distance PLD from 300 to 500 Reduced locktime of all laser designators from 2.0 to 1.5 Fixed the hand flare damage type (now no longer creates craters) Fixed inconsistencies with incendiary effects: Split effect so both grenades can have their own effect, slightly reduced radius and duration of handheld effect to match DOT values better, increased radius and duration of tank effect to match DOT values, Made both effects slightly better at blocking night scopes Added new poison arrow explosion effect ????????????? Fixed too high damage of laser designations against aircraft and light vehicles Fixed bad tracking of laser designations Fixed bad hit detection of some anti ground missiles against fast targets Improved locktime on laser designated targets Improved accuracy and ammo regeneration of smart rockets Reduced damage of buckshot and flechette to lower performance at range Reduced number of pellets of uts, saiga, dao, dbv, m1014 to improve balance

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