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  1. INARA Wing

    @[member='YotaX'] @[member='BookD20'] @[member='ChaosReignss']   hey guys, book.. you have been promoted to 'deputy wing commander' .. i havent found a way to give up leadership but that role is the same thing minus the 'disband wing' option.   you should now have all the abilities on INARA.
  2. I have finally found a job

    its good to hear you found something man !!! looking forward to catching up with you when ever you are around ! :D
  3. LulluIntro~

    welcome to ADK @[member='Lea'] :)   looking forward to seeing you around :D
  4. Sky Marshal Retiring

    gonna miss you man :(
  5. Join the Inara wing

    we already have a post on INARA.... it is for MEMBERS of ADK only. Applicants can apply to join the group but will not be accepted until they get membership into ADK.   http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/117803-inara-elite-dangerous-companion/   topic LOCKED
  6. Is mining worth it?

    Several things affect the missions... 1. This is the most important thing to remember, they are random. Some days got will get tons of missions, the next, none.. 2. Trade rank affects missions... 3. System Faction relationship affects missions... 4. Different system types have different chances of finding missions, try high tech or manufacturing, etc.
  7. Is mining worth it?

    in a simple answer.. HECK YES     in a more drawn out answer. Yes, mining has been improved in the 1.3 update. there are many mining missions that make the ores much more valuable. some missions i have gotten are 8 painite for 4million credits.. there are many that ask for 1 or 2 of a particular ore worth up to 400k for mission reward     I have a guide here (http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/118043-a-miners-life-a-guide-to-riches ) that can help with mining
  8. {LAURA: CARGOBAY IS FULL COMMANDER….} “Thank you, Laura. Retract the cargo scoop, engage thrusters, and plot a flight path to clear the planetary rings. Start Personal Log, Historic Background”   {Affirmative Commander, Time to clear Planetary Rings 7 minutes, 38 seconds.} {Starting Personal Log: Historic Background, Jmanowell ID Number: 526232267 …. Authentication Confirmed. Recording Commander…}   “Well here I am, deep in space, far away from home. To restore my family’s Legacy, to become a legendary miner across several star systems. Even before I took my first breath I was destined to become a great miner. My family comes from a line of miners for generations, myself being the 5th generation of miners. My family never got into travelling the Cosmos. They always preferred to stay near gas giants and spends days on days mining. Although Kobayashi City, Anlave is where I call home, it’s not my place of birth. My family comes from a system less than one light year from Anlave. A system called Lorana. Not many people pay attention to this system as its neighbor, Anlave has always been the draw of attention. Lorana is a peaceful system. Not much to look at there, but it is a nice quiet place to be.   I was born in Lorana, in the cargo bay of my father’s Python. Not the best place for a baby to be born, but was fairly common in my family. As a baby I napped in my mother’s arms to the sound of mining lasers and small rock chunks bouncing off the hull. My father always held his ‘lucky’ ore shard. It had been passed down from his father. This ore shard was in the shape of the Greek symbol Lambda, from ancient Earth history. My family had not been to Earth or even to the Sol system in centuries, but we tried to keep some connection to our place of origin. So my family created a mining company called Lambda Mining. This shard had brought luck to my family and has always been passed down from father to son. Hopefully it will bring me better luck than my father….”   “Laura, delete last sentence.” {BEEE---BEEP Affirmative Commander}                   “As I was saying, my life was born into mining. At age three I learned how to spot ores in asteroids. At age six I learned how to tell the difference between Gallium and Gallite. As l grew older, each year I learned more and more about the different ores. By the time I was ten, I already had the names of each ore memorized and committed to memory. But I wanted more in my life than just rocks and ore. My eyes were set to the stars beyond.”   “Laura, plot FSD jump to Anlave” {BEEE---EEEP—EEP Affirmative Commander, Frame-Shift Drive Route Plotted. Estimated time to clear Planetary Rings: 5 minutes 42 seconds.}                   “When I reached the age of sixteen, my father took me to Hogg City to look at the fresh new Sidewinder models that came out that year. I always enjoyed going there. There were thousands of people all doing different things. Some were explorers sharing star charts with friends. Some were bounty hunters bragging about the deadly pirates they had taken on that day. I could sit there for hours just watching all the people come and go and watch the ships come into and out of the space dock. My dream was to one day be out there and see many different things. This caused some strife with my family; however, I decided to blaze my own path, regardless of what my family wanted. All they knew was to mine and to keep mining; I wanted to learn more, to see more. I managed to get a hold of a ship dealer and made an arrangement to get an older model Sidewinder with a few loaned components from broken down ships. I was so happy to get my own ship that I completely overlooked who I was dealing with. The dealer was an Empire agent and a shady one at that. I was young and the politics between the Federation and Empire seemed so trivial to me that I didn’t care one way or another. So we chatted over a few random topics and had told him how my family were all stuck being miners and how I hated it so much. He took to fancying my story and said that he could ‘hook’ me up with some credits if I did a little transporting of some special goods for him. Naïve as I was, I took the missions and was off into the world of Space Trucking.”                   “While I was on my transporting mission, I received a distress call from my family’s ship. My younger sister Anora was screaming and I could hear explosions over the Comm channel. She told me that they were under attack!! My whole family’s fleet was being hunted and I was not there to help them. Just before I lost contact with my sister, she described the men who had boarded their ships. It matched the man that I got my sidewinder from exactly. I told her to hang on and that I was on my way. I dropped the cargo for my mission and jumped back home as fast as I could. But that was not fast enough. I dropped out of supercruise only to see wreckage of my family’s ships. I moved in closer to see if anyone was still out there, either floating in space or hiding in part of a ship that had not decompressed yet. I probably searched the wreckage for over 2 hours before I found something. Floating in space I found my father, just drifting off into space, motionless. I knew he was dead long before I got there. I looked closer at him and realized that in his hand, he was holding on to something. I opened my canopy and floated out to him. In closer inspection he had been shot several times in the back. I felt like my heart was going to stop on its own right there on the spot. My whole family was here, my whole family DIED here. I felt horrible that I was not here to be with them, granted I might have died too, but I would have been here to help defend my sisters. I saw a shimmer from my dad’s hand again and I reached over and opened his hand to find his lucky ore shard and a picture of my family. I took the shard and the picture and went back to my ship, slowly getting filled with anger and rage at the men who killed my whole family. I went on a rampage searching through empire space killing any empire citizen that I could. I had never taken a man’s life before, but that feeling from the shockwave of ships exploding made me feel good. I continued my hit and run tactics as I was slowly becoming a wanted man in Empire territory, until one day I came across a pilot who was crazier than me…”                   “This crazy commander was known for ramming into ships and causing them to blow up, with no remorse or sorrow about it. I heard his laugh as he flew by in his anaconda as he blew up another random ship that was just in the way. I opened Comms with this commander and found out that he was part of a massive federation fleet. It was called the ADK Fleet. I was intrigued by this and that they wanted to fight the empire any way they could. I asked the commander for his name and he simply replied with “Serenitie”. I was pretty sure that was not his name but either his call sign or some sort of alias that he went by. Either way I wanted to be part of this ADK Fleet. I became a new recruit and learned some very valuable lessons from many of their members. One of them was a very respected trucker named Grizzwall. He was so well versed in trading that it was scary how he remembered so much about so many different stations and systems. They taught me many things about how to get around in space and on your own. I met a few others and slowly felt like I was part of something, a new family. They all taught me many valuable things, and I could teach them all my secrets to mining that I learned from my family. I tried many different things when I first signed up with the ADK Fleet. I went exploring for a few months, followed in Grizzwall’s footsteps in rare good trading, and took some classes from a tactical genius, Mr. Jonnymind.”                   “I have since become a larger member in the ADK Fleet; I just recently got promoted to Sky Marshal. Not sure what I have gotten myself into here but ADK is my family now and they gave me much to be thankful for. Commander Book is my fellow Sky Marshal and a great friend.  Though we are the same rank, he has by far better leading skills than I ever will. I hope to one day have that kind of leadership ability.”   {BEEEE-EEP-EEP Planetary Rings have been cleared Commander.} “Thank you Laura. Charge the Frame Shift Drive” {Affirmative Commander. Route plotted. Frame-Shift Drive Charging…}                   “Though the times have been great working with a large fleet, I will never forget and never forgive the Empire for what they did to my family. I have started mining once again, in honor of my father. His lucky shard hangs on my canopy, right next to the photo of my sisters. Many of the guys in ADK have said that they are probably being put up as slaves. If that’s true, I may yet find my mother and sisters. I have not given up hope on finding them and once I get enough credits and a larger ship, I will go through Empire Space and search every planet, every station, and every ship I find until I find my family.”   “Laura, End Personal Recording” {Affirmative Commander, Personal Log: Historic Background, Jmanowell Saved. } {Frame-Shift Drive Ready… 4… 3… 2… 1… JUMPING!!!}
  9. Today has been a good day

    @[member='KellyEldridge'] congrats man !!!
  10. EVENTS: July 4th Signup

    i will be there to help manage/ run the event @[member='ChaosReignss']
  11. @[member='Razek'] @[member='BookD20']   i believe we need to make an "CQD" or "SOS" thread in the forums. if anyone is stuck out in space. just post in there and log out until help is online, that way we can come to you and you dont have to risk the self-destruct.
  12. So i was made aware of this earlier today, that one of our own members, Jacknifejones, has cancer.   i know he is part of another game area, but lets help show our support as one family of ADK.   here is the link to the thread for it http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/118566-the-importance-of-955/
  13. EVENTS: July 4th Signup

    So this was the first time trying out Astro-Dodge and i think it was rather a great success.   Not many showed up, but we hope that more people will change their minds once they see some of the footage and pictures from what went down yesterday.   Overall, the Gold Medal went to Book with the most kills per round, including killing himself through ramming.     Below is a youtube video of some of what happened last night. Enjoy. (( Book, chaos, and dark cav, post some pictures or comments :D ))   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtoFREj3unI
  14. Recommended Game?

    well there are many different ships, some that are for particular uses, combat for example.. but you can outfit the ships in many different ways, different grades of components, different types of weapons, different subsystems you can add.   the main focus is that this is a massive universe that you can go do what you want to do. if you want to explore to the middle of the galaxy you can, it will be tough, but you can do it.. if you wanna pirate NPCs or other players and get them to drop cargo and sell that, you can... if you want to hunt pirates and turn in bounties that are on their heads, thats available... and then you can do mining (way fun) and trading goods between stations. there are plenty of things to do, just gotta try things for yourself   here at ADK we are trying to launch many different events that we are holding every weekend. Tonight we held one called ASTRO-DODGE.. dodge ball in an asteroid field... we did it for about 2 hours and have a BLAST, no pun intended (we used missiles)
  15. Recommended Game?

    @[member='SgtThundar']   its a great game, and ive put in many many hours into it and so have many of the members here, would love to have new people around here and in game

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