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  1. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    Steam Name: Harley Quinn SteamID: harleyquinn86 Stream Link (If Streaming): None Hours/Days that you can play: everyday for 3-6hrs!
  2. Dragyourhalo's wife is here!

    lol you got it wrong. @[member='NerxNerkters'] and my husband have a serious bromance. I know it was him that recruited him!
  3. Dragyourhalo's wife is here!

    Hi there! Im dragyourhalos wife and he talked me into coming to adk! Ive never done this before so I really don't know what to say. Soooo hi!!!
  4. ADK Meetup - Midwest(ish) Late Spring 2016

    You have a bad heart dumbass. you werent in any war!!!!!
  5. ADK Meetup - Midwest(ish) Late Spring 2016

    I will be there! If im lucky @[member='DragYourHalo'] will let me drive but i doubt it........
  6. Wehadababyitsaboy

    these are giving me baby fever! After @[member='DragYourHalo'] and I had our baby last year we both said we had enough! She acts just like him so its a major handful!
  7. Rocket League

    I watched @noxnoctus and @[member='DragYourHalo'] play this a few times. So cool to see soccer and cars together. Halo wont let me play though. I'll just do it when hes at work!
  8. Best hiphop artist/ freestyles.

    Eminem for all hip hop!
  9. Tattoo's Do you have one?

    I have two deady bears on my foot/ankle. I really want more!
  10. What makes you smile?

    My kids and my husband. My husband always makes me smile. Even when I dont want to.
  11. Smokers

    My husband @[member='DragYourHalo'] started smoking meat this summer and they are sooooooo good! I dont know what kind of chips he uses but I want to say its hickory! Yum Yum!!!!
  12. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    I love all of these movies! I can watch them over and over!
  13. Fear the Walking dead

    I love this show! I dont know if I like this or TWD better. It is nice that it shows how everything fell apart though! Cant wait for season 2!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Jurassic World

    I took my 4yr old daughter to see this in theaters and she loved it! She missed the last 20 minutes or so because she fell asleep but it was great!
  15. cocktails

    I like the buffalo zoo from buffalo wild wings. Delicious and amazing!!!

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