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  1. OHMNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @[member='Acklys']  i think the guide i copied from may have had a typo. should be 4 dps and a healer mainly cause the ooze floor and the enemies don't attack they are the repair bots from prototypes.
  2. My brothers and sisters. The day is finally upon us! even if we don't kill her today we will go down fighting Ohmna for the first time as a full ADK team! Be proud of yourselves, you have earned every bit of it for as well as you guys did this week in the raid. now for the good stuff. We are 1 boss away from entering the Datascape with our first team. For those of you that have never seen my girl ohmna face to face shes is a deadly B**** Here is all you need to know about facing her.   Download : *This is not optional*   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIokoJ5DXr8     Bio-Phage (Purple Floor) Mechanic:   ticking every 2s  for ~2,8k damage you also get a stacking debuff every 2s: +2% more damage taken -1% Maximum health Duration of the debuff: 35s   Power Core Mechanic:   there is a Power Core located at each cardinal direction, which will be attacked by one squid periodically. you Need to assign Group(s) to kill the squid at the power core. (usually 5dps+healer) the damage on the platform while the squid is using sap power (30s channel)  is 1,5k/s the pattern for squid attacks is:  lowest  hp core-> highest hp core-> lowest hp core-> highest hp core .... in case of a tie it will be randomly chosen. Time between squid spawns: 24s Example: 1st spawn (lowest=tiedx4) North: 100 -> 80% - 2nd spawn (highest=tiedx3) South 100 -> 81% - 3rd spawn (lowest) North 80% -> 60% 4th spawn (highest=tiedx2) West 100 -> 81% - ADD PHASE - 5th spawn (lowest) North 60% -> 50% - 6th spawn (highest) East 100% -> 80% 7th spawn (lowest) North 50% -> 35% - 8th spawn (highest=tiedx2) West 81% -> 60% - ADD PHASE - 9th spawn (lowest) North 35% -> 22% 10th spawn (highest) South 81% -> 65% - 11th spawn (lowest) North 22% -> 10% - 12th spawn (highest) East 80% -> 62% - PHASE CHANGE   NOTE: depending on the time you push her, ohmna may get a 13th spawn (lowest)  before the Change to Phase 3, which means the low Generator will go down at this Point. unless you go for the challenge, its ok when this happens. in Phase 3 Ohmna will stop spawning squids, but will continue to do so in the final Phase. 1st squid attack after 1st 3x Body slam 2nd squid attack after 1st threat reset   NOTE: if you are using the 1 Group tactic, they Need to run straight to the next Power Core Platform after each add Phase to remove their Bio-Phage debuffs!   Phase 1: 100% = 24,5m   Ohmna will follow a particular attack order: Body Slam x3 Genetic Torrent 1st Threat Reset Alternate between Devour and Erupt 3x 2nd Threat Reset Body Slam x3 Genetic Torrent Add Phase   rinse/repeat   NOTE: it might happen that Ohmna is doing either a Devour or Erupt cast after the 2nd Threat  Reset! (seen 1/30 times) Ohmna Abilities: Strain Spit: (auto attack) 17k tank every 3s Body Slam: (destroy platform) 3s cast uninterruptable 17k tank Genetic Torrent: (360° laser) 30k tank, 51k light armor Erupt: (knockback) 2s cast uninterruptable 12k heavy 17k light stand on safe spots -> use Addon Devour: (one shot) "dreadphage ohmna hungers" 5s cast  4IR 100k tank Threat Reset: "dreadphage ohmna becomes bored with xxx" wipes threat of the current aggro holder and knocks him back into the Bio-Phage Add Phase: "dreadphage ohmna submerges into the bio phage pools" Ohmna will spawn 4 Groups of 3 adds each. Adds will heal Ohmna once they reach the Center.   Phase 2: 50% = 12,3m In Addition to the Phase 1 mechanics, Ohmna will start to spawn 3 Little adds around the platform Tentacle of Ohmna: 30k hp each strain spit: 0,9s cast 0IR 2,5k cone damage if you fail to Interrupt/kill it fast enough, it will destroy the platform adjacant to it.   NOTE: Before pushing her into Phase 3, you will ideally want to wait for a Genetic Torrent cast, to kill all Tentacles and push her as much as possible!   Phase 3: 15% = 3,7m Ohmna will split into 3 Ravenous Maw of the Dreadphage. 6m shared hp The Maws will spawn in a big red circle, so be sure to find the safespot between the circles.   Ohmna will continue to spawn Tentacles and comes back periodically to do Genetic Torrent abliity. The Maws will disappear when Ohmna starts the Torrent, and will reappear right after it finishes.   The Maws will alternate between Devour, Erupt and Body Slam abilities, usually 4x (can be 3x or 5x depending on timers) Example: 1st Maw Phase (43s)  Devour -> Body Slam -> Devour -> Erupt (kinda worst case Scenario. time between Devour casts 20s) Genetic Torrent (15s) -> find safe spot after torrent 2nd Maw Phase (43s) Body Slam -> Devour -> Erupt -> Body Slam -> Devour (time between Devour casts 26s) Genetic Torrent (15s) -> find safe spot after torrent 3rd Maw Phase (43s)  -> Erupt -> Body Slam -> kill to go to final phase   NOTE: If you are late finding your Group, you can also jump right into the middle when ohmna submerges. there ís also a safe spot for the circle spawn. you will get some damage ticks from Bio-Phage though   Final Phase: after killing the 3 Maws Ohmna will re-emerge as a very big Ohmna and explode the platforms. dont be late to dodge backwards into the Bio-Phage!   Large Ohmna Abilities:   Genetic Torrent: (360° laser) 30k tank 51k light + (debuff will be around 20-30% at this point) Body Slam: (big version) 3s cast uninterruptable This time the cast will not follow the Tank, and he also needs to avoid it (debuff will be around 20-30% at this point) Devour: (one shot) "dreadphage ohmna hungers" 5s cast  4IR 100k tank Tentacles: (Adds) Ohmna will constantly spawn Tentacles which need to be killed/cleaved´. (start hitting the red spawning circle) If you let them  spawn, they will knockup Players inside their spawning circle and start using small Version of Genetic Torrent ability. NOTE: a good tactic for the last Phase would be to stack the main tank + 1 healer on the North side, and the rest of the raid on the opposite side. this way the raid wont have to worry about Body slam.     Xencor, i know your gonna read this. we will meet before raid i do wanna go over a plan of attack with you.   Spell slingers you will be meeting with me and spell before the pull after we discuss team positions. As of right now there will be 4 teams if we can manage for the adds but we will discuss these further before the pull. For those of you that cannot make it today, i will be trying to record it and will post it up in a private video linking it on this page. Stock up on potions, boosts, and food people. we are going to raid as close to our normal cut off time as possible before people have to leave since it is a week day. Study, get some food, and ask questions. Today.... We fight the last boss of genetic archives!       Raid checklist.   Boosts   food   Flask of speed   *No exceptions unless your literally out of renown i want people moving quickly today*   Ohmna helper     * Again no exceptions unless you literally can't run addons on your computer.*   and anything else you want with you.
  3. Post Your Houses Here!

    once mine is done i will post in here :) i am actually almost done.
  4. Sadness

    @[member='Wild']   Hey man, Just read the post Congrats on the wedding  :). Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope you make a fast and speedy heal. Hope all is well or gets better. @[member='Wild'] Can't wait to have you back man.
  5. Streaming Wildstar Raids

    I will be ready to stream that day :) so sign me up
  6. I think should raise the price of costume wins to 15 seeing as how most gear is around 5g for sell or they have the potential to make more from the elements. I would even be ok as far up as 50 gold. Heres why, if we wipe on a boss, those that use g-repai are already using more money than we would make for 1 wipe.all to get a single piece of gear that is going to be vendored or sold. I also think for BOE gear thy should go directly to the Gbank seeing as how people can turn around and sell it. All in all I think 10g is to low. I vote 15 and up if the guilds treasury wants to make money. 10g wont cut it. Gear wise I think the SK rules are good because it will get gear distributed evenly without those of who always show up get shafted on loot like it has been the past few weeks. But I also understand our current lootsystem and as much as I hate missing rolls for my tier piece im not gonna complain. This is a great idea. Benching the same thing. But I think we will have volunteers most if not all the time stepping down. Sometimes ya need a break, if TCO ever needs stand ins im sure we can help. Further more, we do need to tend to our guild vault. Guys we are a poor guild, but we all need to pitch in and start building up our vault or we wont have funds to repai stuff, or do fun things like give aways and the like. We even wont be able to help out our friends if they are in a pinch and need credd to fight for us another month.
  7. Hex's Videos of the guild.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA31hMp05fY&feature=youtu.be     Here ya go ladies, enjoy!
  8. I think this is going to work well. I am excited to see that we are starting to hammer out stuff for our own raids. I will be recording the boss fights for our raid as well starting from boss one, and rename them as our actual guild progression.
  9. Phageborn Convergence Kill

    @[member='Swan Solo'] @[member='gazedo']  @[member='Acklys']  @[member='Mukugrim']   Video might be done tomorrow, Or the day after. Just been busy at home lately :)
  10. @[member='ReapYou'] no no just dress up like them. Thow points for taking on the persona :p
  11. dead game? I think not!

    Took it down because people were being whiny little B****** about how it was misleading etc. etc. im a whiny little C*** that no body love wa! even though nowhere do i state that population is on a massive rise or anything of that nature, just that i was excited to see 200+ people in one area playing a game. so i deleted it. :)
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcbniyLJDx4   Captured today may 10, 2015 around 11 am PST   Scorchwing world boss contract
  13. @[member='wolfwindmoon'] And of course, Theme raids. cause come on. who doesn't like dressing up, Sorry @[member='Xencor'] but naked raids are only fun if we are drunk. We need do stuff!!!!   heres a few ideas. Pj party raid, super hero, Chip n dales' (a.k.a. Sexy raid)  etc. We want to have fun while still progressing and training newbies. :) maybe a prize for best in show, like a flux, or something. Something small :)

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