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  1. Iowa?

    Used to live in Iowa ;p Lived in Burlington for most of my life and Iowa City for about 2 years. Now I'm down in Phoenix, AZ. Sorry guys, I dont miss the snow lmfao.
  2. Patchnotes, 1.3, 1.3.1, 1.3.2

    @[member='Diettinger'] its like IPv6 the zeros can be omitted. ;p
  3. Count to 1,000

  4. Count to 1,000

    tríocha dó
  5. Oculus Rift

    He is right its not supported by the devleopers (yet)   https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/63235/guide-for-trackir-in-the-current-hangar-and-arena-commander-modules   This is the guide I followed, its not perfect but it gets the job done.
  6. It's A dry heat! Arizona memebers?

    I've noticed that AOBLXIX. Anyone going to the Ben Avery Outdoor Expo today? Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  7. Glad I don't have a data cap. But for those with the multi user problem. If your using a hardwired desktops I'd recommend downloading/installing the game to a network drive. Then even if your computer takes a complete shit it wouldn't matter. If you don't know what a network drive is. Google it :) I run all my games over a network in my apartment from a 12TB storage server. Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  8. Shit I just saw this lol. No 24th St and McDowell. Dude you should hit me up sometime if you feel like hanging out! Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  9. Oculus Rift

    I will when I get home, Im looking for a better way to mount them since I just got them yesterday. I just slid the little metal clip things under against the foam (not for long I hope) and used a wire tie to keep the back down. I was thinking just tossing a rubber band on instead or a just a tad of super glue. From what I hear the reflectors aren't good with abuse (But Im very nice and gentle to my g930 so)   And no you don't need to wear a hat, I cant even wear one outside, shit feels weird XD
  10. Oculus Rift

    Just FYI its not exclusive to the Oculus, just was built for it.    Source: http://www.pcgamer.com/eve-valkyrie-is-exclusive-on-the-oculus-on-pc-at-the-moment/
  11. Oculus Rift

    I just bought the TrackIR 5 and got it yesterday and love it. It literally takes over the free look so that its active all the time and moves with slight movements of your head. Work BEAUTIFULLY during combat allowing you to follow enemy movements easier if your can't turn the ship fast enough. I have the little reflectors mounted to my G930 headset. Very useful in Elite Dangerous as well.
  12. =ADK= Android App Has Moved!

    For those of you who didn't already know you can also download taptalk and link to the ADK forums as well. But I must say the ADK App is much better ;p
  13. Hi, I'm Losnyashchiysya

    @losnyashciysya Welcome and dude, I have no idea how to say your name. 
  14. A new Sniper Rifle for Jack...

    They said in the video each round is about 40-50 US dollars. That thing is just crazy.

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