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  1. Massive $250 "Littering" Ticket... For Nothing

    Now if he wishes to fight it of course he can go plea not guilty and then stick to his story with the judge, and hopefully he will buy it.  But again as I said before, if there was nobody else in the car (assuming that is the case) and just the cop, it is your word against the cops.  Good luck in whatever you choose.
  2. Massive $250 "Littering" Ticket... For Nothing

    I would just pay the ticket if I were you.  Pretty much it is your word against the cops and yes there are always cameras mounted on the windshield of every squad car.  Now I don't know if the camera caught the scene of this happening or not but at the end you would end up spending more money on a lawyer to fight it out in court rather than just paying the ticket. 
  3. HellKnightFire's Resignation

    I thank you all and i'll see you guys around sometime.  And yes S0ck3t I tried my best in helping out within the ADK Community as a BF3 Advisor and that is all that anyone can do at the end right? :)
  4. HellKnightFire's Resignation

    Hello ADK,   To any of you who are still wondering what happened to da HellKnightFire?  Well, after really thinking things over for the last two days I have finally decided to leave the ADK Community and move on.  I am leaving because of my own personal reasons.  Now don't get me wrong, I met many awesome people within this community and had a blast playing with everyone.  I am sure that I will see you all in the future at some time or place.  Also remember we can still play together anytime so just hit me up whenever.  I wish you all the best of luck and take care!   -HellKnightFire
  5. Caspian (etc) No Jets!

    lets turn our 32 slot bazaar into Armored kill maps, ill help populate!  And we can have a rule of no jets there.  :D
  6. Kharg TDM Server

    As of now it was changed to a Bazaar 32 player infantry server.  The problem with the Kharg TDM was that yes it would be populated at times, but then again it wouldn't stay populated.  So at the moment we are not fully sure what will happen yet.
  7. Battlefield 3 - R36 - Server Patch

      Whatever happens, happens...  They will then have to work on more updates to fix them.
  8. Battlefield 3 - R36 - Server Patch

      I am pretty sure that this is a big fix to help prevent countermeasures like that from happening again...
  9. Battlefield 3 - R36 - Server Patch

    Well this is a relief!  EA/Dice saves the day!  Woohoo!!!!
  10. Battlefield 3 - Server Updates 1-22-2013

    Poor Hoole  :(
  11. Battlefield 3 - Server Updates 1-22-2013

    Well that means we are OFF-DUTY YAAAAAAY!  LOL, well I just started back at work last night so i guess not.  But in all honesty I would be more than happy to help populate as long as our servers don't crash another 20 times lol.  
  12. Ring in BF3 humping

    Sighs... she is way too horny..........
  13. Best ISP - Suddenlink

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this made my day, thanks AOB! LMAO!
  14. Best ISP - Suddenlink

    You live in Mexico?  :D
  15. Metro Off-Limit Zones

    Prophet had it down for soo long, fail!  :P

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