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  1. What Are Your Favorite Mods

    There are a ton of awesome mods out there that are used to make very well thought out modpacks. The problem is to make one that is'nt like the rest. Most new modded MC that has come out in the last year/year and half are all pretty much the same. Very few have created new content. Currently playing Antimatter Chemistry. As for a list of cool mods I could be here all day but I will cut it down to a few. Vein Miner/ Ore Excavator Atum2: Return to the Sands (New Dimension) AE2 & AE2 Stuff Better Builder's Wand Building Gadgets Chest Transporters Crafting Tweaks Deep Mob learning Dark Utilities Mob Grinding Utilities Fast Leaf Decay Industrial Foregoing Iron Chests Storage Drawers Simply Jetpacks 2 Tiny Progressions Spice of Life: Carrot Edition Mouse Tweaks JEE, JEI, JER Tinker's Construct / Construct Armory. These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I have been getting into Vanilla Lately but I am so bad at Vanilla............
  2. ITSA ME

    Nice to meet you bric
  3. Hej!

    Nice to meet you Juicy :0
  4. Kids Do The Darnedest Things

    He was thinking of renaming himself to "Slick"
  5. Dev1ux Intro

    Hey dev nice to see your intro. You will find a good time with ADK
  6. Who am I?

    Hey John nice to meet you come check out our MC servers
  7. Hey: Who am I?

    Hey great to read about you hope to talk to you soon.

    Are they going to update live server before the end of the year? that is the real question
  9. Congrats on h1z1 adviser bro :)

    1. Oz111


      Thank you Sir much appreciated


  10. Reticle customization

    Calling a color change customization is well lacking. They should put something in the game that allows you to design your own reticle that would be customization.
  11. Post your favorite TV show here

    The Abbot and Costello Show.
  12. Looks like I wont be playing after all. It will not take my payment. I placed a ticket will see where it goes from there.
  13. What will be your first class!?

    I chose Valkyrie but if there is no male model of it I will choose something else. The way the playstyle looks for the valk is what i like. If no male model than i will be choosing tamer most likely
  14. Spicy vs Non Spicy Foods?

    Spicy for sure. The mango habenero from buffalo wild wings is my favorite. It makes my eyes water ;)
  15. metal band

    Reveille   One of my favorites :) Not well known.   One of the songs I chuckle at cause inside joke with the cousin is  W.A.S.P   Pantera, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Metallica pre Black album, Type O Negative (I know gothish) I seen all of these guys in concert and I worked at 3 of them as security.

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