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  1. Yoyoninjas

    Alright, first off just wanna say that the ADK servers were pretty cool the two ish times I've played on them. My ign is yoyoninjas for most things, but my real name is Shawn, in case you wanted to know. I'm not close to the greatest player in the world, in fact I usually play for fun, but i really want to get a hella ton better than i am now (consider myself a newb T_T). I'm 16, and although i like to consider myself more mature than most kids my age, i do not know what adults think of me. I really like to listen to, and hopefully get into developing, music. I listen to music whenever i can in whatever i do. I used to be a very active kid in soccer, but got lazy over video games... hehe :unsure:. Sometimes, most of the times, i get really lonely playing bf4 because none of my friends play on pc, so I was searching for platoons to join and i happened to swing by ADK. Lots of good reviews and hopefully you guys will accept me ^.^. I am a guy and sometimes shy, sometimes terribly bold. Not gay or anything, though most people think i am. Im korean, but was born and live in America. I really don't know what else to say... haha... but yeah uhm, this is me and i hope you guys accept me ^.^ . Thanks!! :D  :D  

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