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  1. metal band

    Metallica are the reason a lot of metal/rock bands are around today. Listening to interviews from various bands and their members they list their idols as Metallica and the reason they are into the metal/rock scene today.   I love Metallica, however I didn't know much about them before 1999 when I first heard Slipknot who are now my single favourite band, after disvovering The Knot I found myself looking for more bands, Korn, Slayer, Pantera and then Metallica.    I love bands like Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Bullet For My Valentine, Disturbed, Funeral For A Friend and Judas Priest also.    Before metal and rock I listened too anything and everything that was in the charts, now tho, nothing in the charts is any good.....it's all auto tuned pretty boys and girls with no uniqueness at all.

    Tattoo's are awesome, I have 4 now, 2 done here in the UK and 2 by an online friend from my Mechwarrior days when I visited Florida in 2007. One Welsh dragon, 1 Slipknot tribal S, my daughters name and a football (soccer) related tattoo with the YNWA (You'll Never Walk Alone) and 5 stars for Liverpool's 5 European Cup wins.  I am aiming for a full sleeve in the summer which will mix around my Slipknot tattoo. 
  3. Hi, I'm JudgeReIIiK

    Hey guys!   Well I am Wayne (JudgeReIIiK), I am a 36 y/o gamer from the UK and have been gaming for almost 20 years through various games and absolutely love gaming.   I started playing games way back when AOL hosted Battletech, from there I moved into the Mechwwarrior world with Mechwarrior4, I played that game for many years before it became a dead game. I moved onto Americas Army and Battlefield 2 for a few years and loved those games! Also played Battlefield 3 and Hardline since. Played DayZ Mod on Arma2 and also a few years playing Guild Wars 1 and all of it's expansions.   I am a massive football (soccer for you Americans) fan, Liverpool are my 3rd love in life after my partner and child, gaming then football. I love music, maily metal/rock (huge Slipknot fan, Metallica and Korn also) and LOVE movies! DC, Marvel, War Films, Action mainly my top 3 fav films of all time are Black Hawk Down, Commando and Avengers.   I am a very active gamer, playing 7-9 hours a day 7 days a week between the times of 7am GMT - 11pm GMT.   Hope to see you soon guys!

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