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  1. It's been a hot minute but I'm back

  2. afk for a while from Battelfield, I've been playing other games and Hardline just wasn't good anymore and I didn't care for Battlefield 4.

  3. Upgrades this Summer

    I'm thinking of upgrading some things for my PC this summer. I'm wanting to get a new motherboard and 8 more GBs of RAM. I have some general questions of what RAM I have to buy...Do I have to purchase the exact same 2x8GB of RAM that I have now for it to be compatible or can It be a different brand but same speed and such? Also thinking of getting a motherboard with SLI compatibility maybe for later on in the future. Lastly I'm looking to get a new GPU which I was thinking of getting the GeForce GTX 970 since its best performance for the price but the thing is about that is the 3.5GB cashe and the 0.5GB cashe. Once a game goes over the 3.5GB VRAM the performance will drop because the 0.5GB cashe is slower than the rest of the VRAM and seperated so theres that. I found that the battlefield games are the ones that pushed above the 3.5GB limit - Tested on BF4.   ---New Upgrades---   Motherboard : Less than $150   GPU: NVIDIA ONLY - Less than $400   Current RAM: 8GB G.Skill Ripjaw X 1600Mhz   Questions: Do I need the exact same type of RAM to be compatible when getting a new motherboard?
  4. ADK Gamer's Speedtest.NET Speedwave

    How do you have that fast of internet? I looked up TWC's packages and none go over 300Mbps which is TWC Maxx what theyre rolling out right now. I have TWC and my download speed is 20/2 as of now, going to be 100/10 soon enough.

    1. Nova


      like... yeahhhhhh

  6. Thanks to Surdawi for giving me Hardline! :D

  7. BF Hardline PREMIUM Giveaway!

    He is in a tank most of the time so it'll be hard. I can get 6 hs if he joins lockers for a match or two
  8. Server Reputation Information

    Thanks for the explanation! I've wondered this myself when I first saw the packages thing in the severs as I got higher rep.
  9. Here's a budget build of around $1000-$1100ish CPU- i5-4570 @ 3.2Ghz GPU- GeForce GTX 970 4GB HDD-1TB 7200Mhz 64MB cashe SSD 240GB PNY XLR8 PSU- 550W-650W range. Mobo- your choice OS-Windows 8.1 64 Bit RAM- 8GB MINIMUM!   The reason for the SSD is running your OS on it will greatly increase how fast your PC boots up. I have the same SSD that I recommended and have had no problems with it. My PC boots up in 5-10 seconds. AVG:  7 seconds. Then all the startup applications are up within 20 seconds. This also improves game load in times, where battlefield 4 I load it in about 10-15 seconds depending on the map and size
  10. A Good Processor

    If you were to upgrade your mobo a i5-4570 or i5-4670k are really good. I have the 4570 clocked at 3.2GHz but it always runs on 3.4GHz which is equivalent to the 4670k all though the 4670k can be overclocked if you decide to get a cpu cooler, thats your choice.
  11. PC Video Cards

    The GeForce GTX 970 is the best card on the market for the price as of now. If you can get a good deal maybe go with the 780Ti which I believe is around $500 depending on the site.
  12. SSD (Solid State Drive) Tweak Guide

    What do all of those things do? Seems unsafe with the restore disabled if your OS were to go wrong
  13. FCC Net Neutrality

    I'm glad this law came out because my internet will be getting an upgrade in April because of the limits on how low the internet can be. My current internet speed is 22/2. Download being first and upload second. In April My internet will be 100/10. Then I'm going to see about upgrading it to the next package up which is 200/20. All games that I download will download at 24MBps with 200Mbps. I'm so happy :D
  14. Favorite Loadout?

    This is my main tryhard loadout for lockers/metro. I use the sniper kit most of the time though if all else fails.
  15. Best grenade

    I've never personally tried the incendiary grenade. I like to use the standard m67 grenade or the RGO Impact.
  16. Good news - Bipod Glitch Fixed - Coming Soon

    Finally, This was so bs in server #7 I saw so many people abusing the glitch and its so hard to kill them.
  17. A new Sniper Rifle for Jack...

    Omg, amazing! Where do I purchase one of these, would be a fun thing to have xD
  18. Good Bye #6

    Yeah, I'm sad to see this server go, The map was populated pretty well mid-late day and I'm confused why it has been taken down. This map was probably my favorite unlike metro where if one side gets B its nearly impossible to get around them to get their home flag to turn things around. Unlike Lockers where you could sneak around and you weren't always getting base raped.
  19. Server Reputation Information

    Thanks for clearing that up! I messed up in the server by accidentally throwing grenades early on when I played in the server before I joined the site and I have like a negative 30. Is there any way I can get it back up aside from the usual reporting the player who's cheating or breaking the rules?
  20. So true...

    OMFG, True is correct! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :lol:  :lol:
  21. Help With Roadkills?

    Anyone have any ways to get roadkills quickly? I need 25 for the phantom initiate assignment and I dont know any recommended maps to run on or what vehicles would be best.
  22. ADK #6 Server - C Tower Feedback

    Yeah, I agree with this. Once you have C tower control its so hard to get it back or even get into that room.
  23. favorite Map?

    Operation Locker & Operation Metro. I also enjoy Firestorm &  Caspian Border.
  24. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    I agree with this. Should look for their Accuracy with guns and or K/D normally aimbotters will have a lot of Headshots/High Accuracy
  25. Setups for Any Class

    I'm wondering whats a good setup for each class. I'd like to know what you guy like to use I'm trying to look for new guns to try out. Ex. Gun Attachments Grenade Squad Upgrades Sidearm

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