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  1. So I was wondering if ...

    My mate and I play, though my timezone is GMT +13 so we may be around at different times
  2. The Base radio station

    they do ship giveaways (they did when I first started listening aswell) which is fun, plus some funny ads, plus the guy who started it is apart of Imperium, if i remember correctly, Rico started the base in Imperium then moved to affiliate to make the Base and it has grown from there, lots of fun
  3. Nyx Landing Preview....

    Im so excited to see Nyx and fly to it
  4. So much excitement!

    the only thing good about my pc atm is my graphics card which is a GTX 970 and I can play the game on very high graphics no problems than my 2 friends who have way better computers that me. It's awesome
  5. With the new launcher you can actually (that is if you don't want to re download the whole thing again) get the new launcher and transfer all the old files into the new launcher. I did this and only had to download 7GB (which would have contained the new stuff for the patch) instead of 25. (which is good for me cos where I'm from my download speed is about 500 KB :P)
  6. The game hasn't been optimized yet and they still haven't released the requirements ans it will change as time passes on. they will most likely release the final requirements during/after PU beta/ full release
  7. An Introduction to Star Citizen

    Lol, ive really done it to myself with buying into this game... had to share my thoughts on the Concierge help line. And still have a good PC to build the only good items in there are my RAM and Graphics card :P
  8. Star Citizen Burst: Second Pass WiP

    My SC playlist just includes songs from "two steps from hell" a personal favorite from that lists Blackheart   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbttZVTSJRU
  9. Well, I did it guys

    I was thinking about the Gemini, I just bought 2 reliants instead, keeping the other for CCU
  10. Alien Ships

    you would most likely have to capture one in the PU. a ship I really want to capture is the Vandul Capital ship, but that would take alot of people :P
  11. Worth playing at the moment

    you could get somereliant LTI packages and when they are hanger ready CCU them to ships you want to buy and you will keep the LTI
  12. Signature & Bio

    Nice Sig :)
  13. MISC Reliant with LTI now on sale. $50!

    I cant wait to turn one of my Reliants into the broadcasting varient, also a tip you can buy the reliants with LTI - cheaper than most Lti ships and when they become hanger ready you can CCU them for other ships (like if the superhornet comes out again for a little bit) and get an LTI superhornet :)
  14. Is it work getting into now

    Its good buying a package now, like a starter pack that has the alpha/beta access in it so you wont have to spend extra later. Plus hopefully if they ever do it again and give out free stuff to backers when they hit a stretch goal like the 100 mil one then you would be in line to get one while you wait.
  15. The Fighter Pilot

    I see, your right, I just thought if he would be in INN he would be a member of Imperium, they don't allow affiliates and are big with member titles, but thats allgoods

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