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  1. Away for about a week.

    As far as work im going to have to drive 6 hrs back to illinois since im a heavy machine mover, from local 136. It will be worth me coming down to work 2-3 weeks then go back up. As far as the internet connection idk, but thats not something im honestly worried about. If i cant get a good connection, then ill have to let bf3 go and a few other pc games i play, but i wont know any of that till i find a house and move in.
  2. Away for about a week.

    @[member='Fatsix'], from what ive been in all my live it hasn't been the best. from gangs to drugs etc. going out to wisconsin living in the woods, is part of my dream. the cost of living is 10x as cheap as it is in illinois also.
  3. Im going house looking in wisconsin, and i wont have time to be active on fourms/bf3 servers. But when i get home ill make sure to be on killing people for fun. Best of luck with the double xp.
  4. Stopped by to say hey!

    Nice to meet you albino i hope you enjoy ur stay. Hope to see you in games.
  5. New Guy

    Welcome kadens2, you have found a good gaming community to join. Hope you enjoy ur stay and look forward to playing some metro with you.
  6. Ted

    Ooo now that u mention that hawk i need to get to the movies!
  7. Mission Small Business - Support ADK!!

    Posted it on my page hope i can get some friends to vote. Pushing my brother and his friends to vote also.
  8. Saying hi to the community

    Hi erick welcome.
  9. Ted

    I honestly say the same thing erick. Looks like an amazing movie.
  10. Ted

    Honestly i havent been to the movies in awhile...but i think i have to go see this one...
  11. Hi Atomic_Gas is back

    Welcome back atomic, look forward to playing some games with u.
  12. i guess my inroduce did not take

    Welcome amac, thanks for your service. I look forward to playing games with you.
  13. New to this place

    Welcome micahmatt, hope to see you in some games and in teamspeak.
  14. Hello, I am a short person.

    Welcome midget.

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