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  1. Anyone using the Rift yet?

    Yeah. I looked more at different devices and as of right now, the rift seems to be the cheapest in price (unless you want to build the cardboard version) and them most tested. However the Glyph looks more future proof if it initially succeeds. I might be wrong of course.

    I'll be having my freelancer out, guns blazing the second they drop the update! You can count me in on an all freelancer dogfight. 
  3. Favorite music for playing Star Citizen

    It just hit me yesterday during some free flight action, but the "Titan A.E." soundtrack is just about perfect for this type of game, and will be even better to hear it while zooming around the universe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKlMOblghiQ
  4. Will be AFK until 3/3!


    Are we even certain that the freelancer can even fit through the checkpoint rings? lol
  6. Anyone using the Rift yet?

    Wow. I never heard of this device. I took a look at the kickstarter page and it looks pretty cool. Gives the immersion I was looking for with the rift, however it seems like it would be easier on my eyes (I have to wear glasses for everything). 
  7. Anyone using the Rift yet?

    That makes sense. I will be excited to see how different the two systems are once they come out. Right now I'm mainly speculating based on what I know. I have honestly never used any type of virtual reality or augmented reality device ever. :) 
  8. Star Citizen Community Census

    Just filled out the census! I'm excited to see what the results will be. It was kind of difficult to ask my self what parts I am least excited for, but I am really here for the multi-player, so I guess that answered my own question.
  9. My Ships:   MISC Freelancer DUR Anvil F7C-S Hornet Ghost   I am pretty set on exploration as my top role. I am not very good at dog fighting but I do like strategy and planning. I would be happiest in a support type roll if I were to move toward a "life" of fighting. Something like scouting, espionage, or guard. 
  10. Is star citizen fun?

    Of course! I like seeing the game continue to grow and finally add more variety. Plus I am a huge RPG fan and am looking forward to creating a "world of my own". 
  11. Anyone using the Rift yet?

    I have always been big on total immersion. I haven't used the rift yet, but I am pretty sure I will order the next DK or the consumer version. I have never had motion sickness but I expect it will take some getting used to. I feel it will be cheaper then the multiple monitors. 
  12. Anyone using the Rift yet?

    Just wondering if anyone is using the Oculus Rift with AC yet? If so, is it worth it?
  13. Star Citizen and Immersion

    All hail the UEE and all it's glory :)

    I could definitely use the practice, if that's still the plan. I'm in the PST, can be on anytime really.
  15. Favorite music for playing Star Citizen

    I like to have "Time" from the Inception soundtrack,  "M4 Part II" from Mass Effect, and "The End Run" from Mass Effect 2 playing in a loop. It makes my constant dying seem a lot more awesome. :)

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