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  1. Just gonna leave this here...

    I've watched the first one and I've decided to stop, lol. That's me done with those videos for the day pallo. ;pp
  2. Turtle Beaches

    They're solid headphones, I've got something like these myself and they're great. Where'd you get them from? It's just my curiousity kicking in, lol. 
  3. Finaly got my hoodie :D

    Loving the style, dude! I really like it. Is this some sort of custom made jumper from ADK?
  4. Wrist Injury

    That's pretty weird actually and I actually never knew that could happen. I've also got myself a Razor Mouse which is absolutely great and I would recommend it to everyone! Especially, if you do play MMO's.
  5. Your top movie from 2000-2015

    I've watched Interstellar myself, it was absolutely amazing and also interesting. I'd definitely recommend it. It wouldn't be classed as my number one film I'd definitely pick The Hangover which was hilarious and I could probably guess everyone has seen, LOL.
  6. Christmas Results

    I really enjoyed my recent Christmas, got everything I asked for. I went to my grandparents in Spain that I haven't seen for years, and got alot of prezzzzzzies and also alot of money which got me my excellent computer that I've got right now!   Overall my Christmas was one hundred percent and I couldn't of asked for a better one previously.
  7. The t-shirt I got for Christmas

    Lol, that shirt did make me chuckle, wasn't expecting that whatsoever! Where'd you get it from anyways, like is there a certain store you got it from or did you order it from a specific website? lol
  8. What are you scared of?!

    This is absolutely NOTHING to do with gaming, but I'd like to find out more about the community, and we'll probably get some funny answers, looooool.   WHAT ARE YOU SCARED OF?! Quick, quick. ANSWER! Name the number one thing you're scared of!

    I've been interested in tattoos a while now, I love body art! Even though I'm still a bit young to get a tattoo I'd really love one!   I'm thinking of getting a tattoo with the name of someone when I'm older, probably my lovaaaah. ;p
  10. OMG I want this setup.....

    That setup looks like there'd be way too much wires! Joking, I'd effin' love that setup lol.   Sweet thing that is! Where'd you get this picture anyways?
  11. Hello there, I'm sixteen years of age and love to play video games, which is my main pastime and what I do mostly. I love to hang with friends also in my free-time and also socialize with people throughout online gaming, one of my favourite things, I hate playing alone!   Ever since I was younger I've been always interested in law enforcement, along with IT Engineering. I'm currently in my fifth year of High School in Ireland that is, and only have one more year left! (Thank god)    I've quit football due to a severe injury on my leg, and have travelled to different countries in the EU to play against several teams, which I miss alot!    Anyways, I hope to see you all around and I thoroughly hope to become a loyal member of ABK!

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