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  1. Reporting macro for the G19?

    try adding a small delay between each separate letter?
  2. For The Love Of Ponies - April Fools

    I knew what was up the moment it loaded, didn't stop me from busting out laughing.
  3. Short video

    Generally speaking you aim for the ass, and the range is maybe 1/4 of the range of the knife.
  4. Short video

  5. Short video

  6. Short video

    Was trying out nvidia shadow play, and this was one of the segments i ended up saving.   http://youtu.be/gzBLHPLmheU
  7. Favorite anime Characters?

    Light Yagami & L from Death Note take the #1 spot on my list for sure. 
  8. Cast your vote on Dice's balancing

    i like how auto is getting some advertisement in, in the chatbox =)
  9. Anyone ride motorcycles here?

    a properly tuned 350 is fast enough to get ya in trouble, that said i ride a 91 DR350e.  got 3 different trail systems within 15 min of here, and more within 45 min of here. its old, its crude, worn out, has more then a few scratches, but a little oil here and some grease there, it is as reliable as they come.   :edit: btw that is the old girl in my profile pick, overlooking part of the San Juan's, before i added a proper taillight and plated it
  10. ADK, y u do dis to me

    Nice to know we all suffer those derp moments where you unload 1/4 clip on a team mate cause he rounded a corner in the corner of your eye.   hmm, ~60% hs kill ratio, but took 650+ hits for those 75 HS.  Just shows ya how many admins take 1 look at cheat o meter and say, "good enough for me. BAN!"
  11. M40A5 Hacks ;)

    honestly the thing i most recognized was the 1 spot where to me it appears you were following the gunfire with your right ear to the guy in the 1 container, seeing that in action from another players point of view just brings back some good memory's of games past.
  12. Gaming Music?

    when i do have music on, latly it has been Pandora station with only the seed of "Tune up!" lots of teckno, trance and such.  also you can never go wrong with some rammstien.   its not so much as a pumping myself up but more of a hypnotic like focus if that makes sense.
  13. No Exp Plugins down

    layer restarted but the backup auto is still going
  14. No Exp Plugins down

    @[member='KnightsX'] well could be worst, its not like i ran out of a mass of explosions and smoke with some rave music playing and defibed a sniper in his face, o wait i did do that :P
  15. No Exp Plugins down

    title sez it, as of time of posting all plugins look down and its a cluster fuck

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