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  1. Star Citizen Trader Raider

    Im game i literally just got all my flight stuff back together for 3.0 so ill be there
  2. February Anniversaries

    wow i didnt even realize its been a year
  3. I have Feb 26th to Mar 7th off so ill be around
  4. If im not mistaken loop is the only one with the original  Google document the charts were created with so probably not until hes awesome enough to come back and mess around with them.
  5. Minus 1 Orion and 1 Gladius Plus 2 Sabres (one for CCU later most likely so might as well not count it)
  6. MISC Endeavor sale

    Either way my point still stands this cannot be as efficient as a trader as a Hull C, and while i still don't see the entire ship landing and have yet to see anything stating it can other then " it can". The hanger is still going to be a "makeshift" cargo bay at best and only after modifying the floor of the hanger with magnetic locks as stated in the Q&A. I also know the hull C cannot land but it is designed in a way that makes it easy to remove cargo from the ship, where as the endeavor is not.     Bottom line the endeavor has a much more broad spectrum of things it can do but if your looking for a dedicated trader stick with the hull C.
  7. MISC Endeavor sale

    Yea apparently i missed that completely, ill have to rewatch atv and rtv to see. Didnt really have a question though just pointing out the answer from the q&a itself (ctrl-v style) the red part is the part that gets me thinking it doesnt land as a whole instead just thr cab does. Which makes sense, considering trying to build working landing gear to accomadate an improptu space station isnt exactly feasible. But even though ive watched and read the material i could very well have missed something when i get a chance ill have to scour again.
  8. MISC Endeavor sale

    I could be wrong, but i have yet to see any mention that the entire ship could in fact land. The only mention i see is in the Q&A when they talk about the 500 SCU in the detachable ship and about how its for detaching to make deliveries. Which if that is the case you would need to transfer 500 SCU at a time through the ship to the cab then break off and offload it, then repeat the process. Dont get me wrong even if the entire ship could can land I still cant imagine it would be near cost effective to use as a trade vessel over a dedicated trader.    Is the 500 SCU listing for cargo in the explorer cab only? Can the fuel pod be used for cargo, and if so, for how much each? The Cargo space is inside the Explorer cab as it will be the section breaking off and landing for deliveries. The Fuel-Pods would not be able to double-up as cargo, but they could store other in-flight consumables like battery packs or ammunition in certain configurations.
  9. MISC Endeavor sale

    Yeah but the whole ship doesn't enter orbit or have an easy time offloading and loading to the Hanger unlike the Hull C which is built around the concept of cargo. On paper it may have the same SCU space as a Hull C but i would be willing to bet you'd never effectively use it like the Hull C can.   If you were looking for a Trading vessel then I wouldn't count the endeavor as a trade off for the Hull C, however if your looking for something that has a bit more options at the expense of trading then the endeavor isn't a bad option. 
  10. MISC Endeavor sale

    I really like this ship... I'm even tempted to melt my Orion, which I only bought because I thought we were gonna be short on them in the org (boy was I wrong), and some other ships I'm not sold on ATM.     I just cant bring myself to doing it, every argument I make to myself to justify it just doesn't pan out. I'll probably fight to earn one in PU but I don't think I'll want one right now.
  11. Vanguard Variant Sale

    Meh either way theyre all interchangeable
  12. Vanguard Variant Sale

    The color and the fact most people seem to want the the other two so i figured id have something a little different. the nice thing is i picked up the other two buks so i can swap out everything as needed. I'm an seriously looking forward to the long shot rail cannon they mentioned on the sent though since the QA
  13. Vanguard Variant Sale

    @[member='BookD20'] must have missed you on TS, sorry was showering and eating totally not paying attention to the phone letting me know you were around.   anywho thought id chat at you here about instead of in the ship list.   I was super torn between dropping the warden for one or the other, originally i wanted the harbinger, but after seeing the amount of spazzing over the "armor" on the cockpit and i got a little worried about having my vision obstructed. plus the black and yellow pain job was probably my favorite. On top of that i expect most people are going the harbinger route because its 5 bucks cheaper to get them all. 
  14. @[member='BookD20'] ill be more then happy to jump on but my work scedule is kinda crazy right now i cant get on till after 1 am central time. I can say that from all the digging i did the only real reason to pick one over the other for a base is the look. Though the harbinger seems to have reduceded visibility.
  15. not sure if we care about variants but:   - one vanguard warden lti +one Vanguard Sentinel lti (and the two B.U.K.'s to swap it to the other variants)

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