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  1. Scooterprint introduces himself

    Hello! scooterprint here, I've been hanging with the guys in teamspeak and battlefield 3 for a while. I have been playing on and off for quite some time. My name is Jeremy, and I'm 16. I own two businesses,  one sells airsoft guns, and the other sells paracord bracelets. Just a quick list of games I play: Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Counter Strike Global Offensive Grid 2 Call of Duty MW3 Minecraft Planetside 2 I mostly like goofing around with fun stuff in games (Launching tanks with C4 :-0) Thanks, scooterprint
  2. ADK Gamer's Speedtest.NET Speedwave

    I just completely ruined the speed wave xD http://www.speedtest.net/result/4605613452.png Sorry for ruining the curve.
  3. Path of Exile

    I play POE, i have a character. i just have to see what mode he is. pretty far along too.
  4. How many hours have you played?

    and i thought i played a lot with my puny 350 hours!
  5. Short video

    Wow. that sucks. CLEAR! GOING FOR THE ASS! *ZZZT* Fried ass meat. come and get it. nice 'n' hot!
  6. Topgun1334

    Lol thanks, it has taken me quite some time to make that list of games, i think i even forgot a few though.
  7. Whats your favorite TF2 Class ?

    Backburner, scorch shot, back scratcher is my favorite pryo loadout, crits when you hit them from behind, the scorch shot is basically a fire breathing m320, and the back scratcher does massive damage and crits when you hit their back :-)
  8. Short video

    How do you even get defib kills? i've tried for quite some time to get one, and i accidentally got one once, but never was able to again.
  9. cant join any BF3 servers. help!!

    I recommend that you uninstall and reinstall punkbuster, i do it about every 8 months just to make sure it doesnt kick me, go to  www.evenbalance.com/?page=pbsetup.php and get the most recent version. make sure that you uninstalled punkbuster from programs list.
  10. Airsoft anyone?

    Cool, i run a custom m4 that i had a friend of mine build, about 22 rps on a 9.6, 400fps and accuracy to about 125 feet.
  11. Mann Vs. Machine

    MVM is amazing, other than the fact that you have to buy tickets to get items in return.
  12. Whats your favorite TF2 Class ?

    Pyro is my fav, its so easy, just go around an burn crap :-)
  13. Topgun1334

  14. Airsoft anyone?

    Hello! I just wanted to know if anyone here is interested in airsoft and/or has played and has an airsoft gun. if you do play, what is your gun and where do you play? tahnks topgun


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