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    Haha I love them! I'm going to be a tattoo artist after I finish an apprenticeship :P I definitely believe they are a work of art. I drew the tattoo I'll be getting when I was like 11 and it means a lot to me. I think they can be kind of addicting to
  2. Who is Derpy?

    @[member='InfiniteCrisis'] Thanks so much :3 I'd love to chat sometime and yeah online schooling has always been great even though there's not much of a social aspect to it. Sweet, art was a side hobby at first but then I got into tattoos and stuff :P Hope to talk to you soon!   @[member='HansJob'] Thank you for the welcome I'm glad people can relate haha it use to be horrifying for me just to skype with one person it was a huge step to go into teamspeak for the first time!    @[member='darkelf1'] Thanks lol I'll have to share sometime. It's nothing spectacular but I enjoy it 
  3. Who is Derpy?

    ADK really jumped out at me while I was looking for a new wildstar guild. But to my pleasant suprise I found a gaming community! My name is Samantha, most call me Sam. I suck at these things but... My other interests besides video games are horseback riding, drawing, singing, tattoos, dance, anime, cosplay, and countless other things but I'm sure you don't want to be reading all day. I'm working on getting into an art school and starting an apprenticeship at a tattoo parlor. I haven't been inked myself but will be on my birthday. I'm a pretty shy person but once I get comfortable in teamspeak I have no problems.   I came here looking for a community I'll actually feel like a part of and I hope I found it. I play WoW, archeage, Tera, ESO, Guild Wars 2, Smite, League, Hearthstone, and Wildstar along with other single player games I cant remember. I played alone for the longest time because I have social anxiety but eventually started getting comfortable chatting with people and really enjoy group content.   I'm available pretty much all week because I recently had foot surgery so I'm stuck on my butt xc and will most likely be doing online school. Thanks for reading my babble! I hope to make some great friends here :P

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