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  1. Xencor's Guide to Runecrafting

    This is a complicated game.  I think that's a positive, but the learning curve just keeps going on and on.  Now, on to runes.  Thanks for the guide Xencor.
  2. Introduction! Hey all!

    Wow, in one thread you've conquered you've solved/mastered your inactivity problem.  I'm impressed.  Welcome.
  3. Hello Everyone!

    Our interest in games in similar.  Perhaps our paths will cross some day.  Welcome.
  4. We are who we are.

    Welcome.  I'm reminded of a phrase from the Red Green show:   I'm a man and I can change if I have to ... I guess. 
  5. hello again!! love the site

    Cute intro.  I can relate, but I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.  Welcome.
  6. Starbucks caffe'  mocha is my wife's "happy drink".  I should have bought stock in that company long ago.  Good luck staying true to your personal standard.
  7. Hi from Kerson

    Concerning bee stings.  I've developed some immunity from the scores of stings I've gotten in the last 5 years.  Now I react to a bee sting like I do to a mosquito bite:  just a little itch and swelling.  It may also be lessening my risk of developing arthritis.  Perhaps you should stop running away (unless your one of the 2 million Americans allergic to bee venom). 
  8. Promotions 28JAN15

    Congratulations.  I hope to follow in your shoes.
  9. SSD (Solid State Drive) Tweak Guide

     Thanks, I bookmarked the link.  My next machine will have SSD.  I am so envious of short boot times.

    Society norms are changing.  I watch football games with my elderly father and EVERY game he says, disapprovingly, "look at the tattoos".  For your generation, its art.
  11. Wrist Injury

    I often have a "minor ache" at the top of my right/mouse hand, so I'm not as severe as you.  I changed from a regular mouse to an mmo gaming mouse and the most of the ache went away.  Keep trying different things until you find something that works for you.  Repetitive stress injuries are no fun.
  12. Favorite Baseball Team?

    Twins.  Somebody has to root for the underdog.

    Lets see, what's less relaxing:  a close gaming match or a close super-bowl.  I sure don't feel relaxed after either.  I'll watch the game, but only because it will be the topic of conversation on Monday.  
  14. Wildstar Logs

    The logs are great.  It was informative/awesome/humbling to see Xencor's event log and his rotation.  He is setting the bar rather high for us medics.  (I didn't see the use of any probes, but maybe non-damaging events aren't logged.)   Congratulations on the kill. 
  15. Xen's Schedule

    Thanks for running me through 2 adventures on my first day in the guild.   MA to CA is quite a move.  What do you like better:  Nor'easters or earth quakes.  I hope you greatly impress them. 

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