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  1. List of people up for Duo Que

    Wàddlez Gold 4 Mid/Support Mains  No preference on duo
  2. RIP DFG

    yea had some good memories with DFG. Played a lot of fizz and ahri. Oh well it had to be done i guess. 
  3. I think zombie brand, eternium nocturne, and battlecast chogath are some of the tops for me.    I love all of the pooly party skins. What do you guys like the most?  
  4. GTA 5 Pc FINALY!!

    Ive never played any of the GTA games. 60 bucks seems steep. is there mutliplayeror just single
  5. Tips for beating a Garen top lane please!!

    Ya I love Renekton top. Pretty much know ur really strong early game and dont let him farm. Everytime his passive comes up make sure you hit him if you are able to safely. Just zone him as much as you can as long as you get good at renekton and save your slice and dice away. Renekton is pretty hard to gank.    Also teemo does counter garen, but you have to be prepared to fight a good garen that knows hot to go into the bushes and waits for you to get close enough to q on fast. dont get close to the bushess when he pulls that crap. just hit him everytime he goes to farm. Everyone knows teemo is lame to gank once he hits lvl 6 with all his shrooms so be prepared to be ganked pre 6 several times.      Another note. Never stay in lane low health when he has his ult up. he can easily turret dive you and get out. just make sure you get teleport so you can get back and farm. GL
  6. Anyone play SWTOR?

    Ya I played SWTOR for awhile. Loved the Galactic starfighter. I have like 2-3 55's. Is the new expansion good? the revan one? I wouldnt mind getting back into it if any of you guys are wanting someone to pvp or galactic starfighter with. Find me in TS i am usually in planetside or just the general chat. 
  7. Any Poker players amongst us?

    I love some NL Hold Em. Always wanted to pursue it as a career till wife put a quick end to that lolz. Check out Gripsed poker on youtube. They have some really good videos I would recommend. I personally liked the Triple Threat video.
  8. Some yummy recipes :D

    Duck Gumbo Recipe that I added/changed a few things. read notes at end   4 wood ducks or 6 teal or 3 mallards; plucked, eviscerated, and cleaned, heads and feet removed Salt and black pepper 3 bay leaves 2 cups of peanut oil 2 cups all-purpose flour 3 white onions, chopped 3 green onions or scallions, chopped 3 celery stalks, chopped 6 garlic cloves, chopped A handful of fresh parsley, chopped Duck Commander Cajun Seasoning (mild or zesty) or other Cajun seasoning 1 package (24 ounces) hot pork sausage, diced nickel-size (we use Savoie's) 1 package (24 ounces) andouille sausage, diced nickel-size 1 package (28 ounces) frozen whole okra DIRECTIONS Place the ducks in the soup pot filled with water. Add the salt and pepper to taste, and the bay leaves. Bring to a boil, lower to a simmer, and cook until the ducks are tender, but not falling apart, about 2 hours. Remove the ducks from the broth and set aside. Reserve the broth (discard the bay leaves). When the ducks are cool enough to handle, skin them and remove the meat from the bones; discard the skin and bones. While your ducks are cooking, in the large cooking pot, heat the oil over medium-low heat. Add the flour and cook, stirring frequently, until the roux is a dark chocolate color, 35 to 40 minutes. Add the white and green onions, celery, garlic, and parsley to the roux. Add enough of the reserved broth to fill it just over half full, and bring it to a boil. Skim off any oil that rises to the surface. Add the Cajun seasoning along with the hot pork sausage, andouille, and duck meat. Simmer 2 hours, then add the okra and simmer 1 hour longer or until all the meat is tender and the gumbohas thickened.     Chicken instead of double sausage.    Add bell pepper.   Parsley    1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce   1 (14-ounce can) stewed tomatoes with juice try with and without     You can get duck at whole foods and some other grocery stores/butcher shops.       Spicy Chili that I loved   http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/guy-fieri/dragons-breath-chili-recipe.html     Maple Bacon Cornbread - Goes well with the chili and I make it often :D   http://citygirlcountryroots.blogspot.com/2013/02/bomb-maple-bacon-cornbread.html     Whiskey Caramel Apple Pecan Pie    http://www.food.com/recipe/caramel-apple-pecan-pie-189205   I add a little bit of jack to it :D   Let me know if u guys make any :D GL 
  9. Meet Up in San Diego for SOE Block Party

    yea dam.... shitty I missed that. If you guys ever want to grab a beer or something let me know in ts. I am in San Diego (El Cajon). 
  10. Hey There!

    Yea bro I had so many people tell me about H1Z1 and I am so pumped for it. It looks so good, but i heard its gonna be f2p so i am gonna wait till its f2p but i am so pumped to play it
  11. Faviorte champion has to be Malzahar and Ziggs. I find malzahar so powerful and underplayed. I had like an 85% win rate on him in ranked games for a couple seasons. Ziggs is just so much dam fun in general.    With that being said mid is my favorite role :D, but I also like support when I am on vent/ts with the adc.    My 2 champions taht are a close 2nd would be Ahri and Nami.    Add me to friends on LoL if you wanna play. Wàddlez is my name. If you see me in TS in diff channel just ask and I'd be done to play. Havnt played much last couple months since most of my LoL friends went back to WoW. I've been gold last few seasons. Got gold 3 last season just off the promotion games and just did a game here and there to keep it active.     
  12. Hey There!

    oh and the reason I am getting back into Planetside 2 is because I really enjoy the game probably the most out of all the games and I am a bit over WoW so I just came back. I literally only been playing a couple days now. I believe I know almost everything and my main focuses in the game and where I am putting all my cert points  are Sniper (Infiltrator), Engineer, and the Liberator Vehicle. 
  13. Hey There!

    Hey guys. This is Waddlez. I am an avid gamer for majority of my life. I am looking to join ADK because it has a community feel and I am looking to meet some new people since majority of my friends are stuck playing WoW and refuse to really play anything else. I love Planetside 2 and I played the first one a bit when it first came out. I have played many games and the ones I have played most of would be LoL(Gold 3 for a few seasons. Mostly play mid/support), Counter-Strike Global Offensive for the fun every now and then (Silver 4), WoW (bit of raiding but mostly pvp (2100 in 3's and 1800 in RBG's). I dont really play LoL much anymore except when friends wanna play and I only feel like playing WoW 1 maybe 2 nights a week.    My real name is Chris and I am 28. I have a wife and a 3 year old son. I stream a lot lately (twitch.tv/waddlezgaming). My hobies other than gaming would have to be sports. I love baseball (huge Orioles fan). I also enjoy going to Seaworld, Zoo, beach, etc with my son. My other big passion is Aviation. I was in the Navy for 6 years as an Aircrew Rescue Swimmer and since being out I have been pursuing 2 degrees in Aviation. 1 in Aeronautics with focus on Professional Pilot and the other is in Aviation Maintenance Technology. My plan is to be a CFI(Certified Flight Instructor) and an A&P (Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic). My goal is to teach people how to fly as well as maintain aircraft.    Ummm thats about it I think.. Oh I live in San Diego...    

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