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  1. Subbed or Dubbed

    Question of the century right there, that is.  I, for one, ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT STAND DUBBED. IDK what it is about it. but it just annoys me. Subbed is so much more accurate to the original dialogue than Dubbed is plus you get to hear the funny vocals that the japanese voice actors do, you wouldnt get that on a dubbed version. I started watching anime in dubbed. mostly in part because my first ever anime was bleach, but then i caught up to the dubbed frontline and it ran out so i was forced to change to subbed. BUT ITS SO better. IDK. Thoughts comments?   Give me a good defence on what you side with and tell me how you came about watching subbed or dubbed. ESPECIALLY if you switched at one point. WHY.   This single image can pretty much sum up my thoughts on the difference between subbed and dubbed.
  2. So today I took the entrance exam for the UCLA Paramedic Education program. I passed. lol that is all.
  3. UCLA: Center For Prehospital Care

    LAFD medic, LBFD medic, or tactical swat medic, idk
  4. Subbed or Dubbed

    oh really? Because amazing as it is I havent watched dbz all the way through yet. But I plan to watch it all dubbed because thats how I know it to be
  5. Just because

    Sup bruh
  6. Those full servers aww yea

    but it actually is. but its not really ready yet. in time.
  7. Hello!!!

    yes what frement said! We really appreciate you choosing us, but what frement ment to say is he hopes to see you in the BATTLEFIELD 4 section of our teamspeak! :D
  8. Mare's Leg MVP!

    if I can get 60 defib kills in one round, I can do this.
  9. Mare's Leg MVP!

    Meaning now I have to go into metro using only the mares leg, and go positive k/d with 30 kills or more
  10. Mare's Leg MVP!

    You now leave me no choice but to show you up horribly
  11. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    as i said, still not sure if serious, or just sarcasm. lol
  12. Hello :D

    Need to get bf4 mah boy lol but welcome anyways
  13. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    not sure if serious... Or just sarcastic
  14. So... i did this yesterday

    maybe about 10 games of 64p metro 24/7
  15. So... i did this yesterday

    dude I didnt even know there were defib screams
  16. Space AFK

    i am home now. but not for long. beginning monday morning tomorrow 6am pst i will be at work until 6am pst the next day, then ill be sleeping the rest of the day away on tuesday probably, and then another 24hr shift Wednesday 
  17. #6 TDM map switch to 24/7 Nohshar Canals

    as how most of them go.
  18. #6 TDM map switch to 24/7 Nohshar Canals

    I believe we've had these offers before, it usually turns out to not happen due to the donator officially having no power over the server they paid for. But idk I like the idea. But I think it would be better to replace the 24/7 lockers conquest EXPLOSIVES server with this. Because that server is already underpopulated
  19. g502 proteus core. What. A. Mouse. I find it very satisfactory. I use the max adjustable/detachable weights and I use the sensitivity speed adjust all the time, in my opinion its worth the upgrade price
  20. ROUND 25,000 EVENT! This Thursday Evening!

    im gonna fcking destroy everyone in defibs only
  21. Arpeggio of Blue Steel??

    i would also recommend. its really good. kinda similar to kantai collection
  22. I was looking for any new info on BF 5.......

    the solution is simple. You press WATCH ON YOUTUBE. lol
  23. I was looking for any new info on BF 5.......

    that video was waaay better than what i was expecting.

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