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  1. UCLA: Center For Prehospital Care

    LAFD medic, LBFD medic, or tactical swat medic, idk
  2. So today I took the entrance exam for the UCLA Paramedic Education program. I passed. lol that is all.
  3. Subbed or Dubbed

    oh really? Because amazing as it is I havent watched dbz all the way through yet. But I plan to watch it all dubbed because thats how I know it to be
  4. Just because

    Sup bruh
  5. Those full servers aww yea

    but it actually is. but its not really ready yet. in time.
  6. Hello!!!

    yes what frement said! We really appreciate you choosing us, but what frement ment to say is he hopes to see you in the BATTLEFIELD 4 section of our teamspeak! :D
  7. Mare's Leg MVP!

    if I can get 60 defib kills in one round, I can do this.
  8. Mare's Leg MVP!

    Meaning now I have to go into metro using only the mares leg, and go positive k/d with 30 kills or more
  9. Mare's Leg MVP!

    You now leave me no choice but to show you up horribly
  10. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    as i said, still not sure if serious, or just sarcasm. lol
  11. Hello :D

    Need to get bf4 mah boy lol but welcome anyways
  12. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    not sure if serious... Or just sarcastic
  13. So... i did this yesterday

    maybe about 10 games of 64p metro 24/7
  14. So... i did this yesterday

    dude I didnt even know there were defib screams

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