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  1. Is this game good?

    10/10 Would not buy again. This game is amazing. I've been hooked on it for over a year. I love playing it. I can play for hours, put it down go play something else then come back and play some more. You need to get peripherals like a HOTAS (hands on throttle and Stick) to get the full immersion. You can also add Voice Attack to give you even more immersion. Pick it up, it's an amazing game.
  2. Hello

    Welcome dood, been good bounty hunting with you.
  3. HOTAS

    That's a really good one. If you can bat your eyes a bit. Go for the x55. All con trolls on either the stick or the throttle. I don't have to touch my keyboard unless it's to search for a system.
  4. Snakebelow Introduction

    Woop woop welcome to ADK
  5. [Concluded] Elite Event: Buggy Blast! Dec22

    It sounds like fun, but I'll be working unfortunately.  
  6. Hey guys its Killton007 here

    Welcome to ADK man.
  7. A Rising Storm

    Bout bloody time!!!  Welcome to ADK!
  8. New to community

    Yeah, so good, you had to cheat?  (Nevermind the fact that the game was a blow out all the same, but your guy had to deflate a ball to ensure victory?  Another thing, I'm a redskins fan)
  9. New to community

    This is why I live in the mountains.  Yay Denver.
  10. Saktsak being prepared by Winters

    Because its not just the required, its whomever has the most. Keep Hudson on top. Sent from my Lenovo A7600-F using Tapatalk
  11. Saktsak being prepared by Winters

    Hudson has it locked, it just needs to be nominated for expansion in the next couple days.  Keep the intel flowin in though.
  12. Fallout 4!

  13. We went to Hutton Orbital & didn't even get a t-shirt

    @[member='Stinkpalm'] http://arkku.com/elite/hud_editor/
  14. We went to Hutton Orbital & didn't even get a t-shirt

    And now!!!   The top gun!      <---- Cockpit      <---- outside
  15. We went to Hutton Orbital & didn't even get a t-shirt

    Something to do and to say we did it!

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