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  1. bf4 or hardline?

    Saving money for GTA V why would I buy hard line when I haven't even gotten to unlock all the guns...
  2. [OFFICIAL] Battlefield 4 Platoons

    Can I get an invite to one of the platoons? @[member='AOBLXIX']
  3. Hi everyone

    yea I see them in Battlepacks how do I activate them? @[member='Spanky']
  4. Favorite Map/DLC Map

    Cool thanks @[member='JacknifeJones']
  5. Favorite Map/DLC Map

    The next DLC will be players choice? @[member='JacknifeJones']
  6. A Better Bow?

    I have never tried using a bow but if what you say is true the reload time is absolute shit. So you think more bows with faster aiming would be good or just DICE should just try to make the bow used now better. @[member='Darknae']
  7. A Better Bow?

    Do you guys want more bows or just an improvement of the current bow? Personally a few new ones would be sick and add some more things to lvl in the game
  8. Play The F'n Game or Get OUT!

    This forum has good points of the point of a game is to enjoy. Dice did it not make this game for the groups of people who "wasted there money on this shit of a game you know? Why you would continue to play a game where you constantly bitch about how bad the game is, seems like backwards thinking to me.
  9. Best grenade

    Incendiaries are my favorite cause the detail is great. 
  10. Your Signature

    What is these signatures and does everyone make there own or is it a gift thing from the clan. Some are really dope.
  11. A Better Bow?

    http://bf4central.com/2014/12/more-battlefield-4-dlc/   Claims they plan on more than just one DLC. 
  12. Hi everyone

  13. How Competitive Are You?

    Why play mutiplayer games if you don't play with friends or for the competitiveness.
  14. Battle Field 4 on Xbox One

    PC master race
  15. Favorite Map/DLC Map

    Anyone have one? I think the Final Stand and Naval Strike DLC maps are the best. Let me know

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